Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Week of Only Good Things

Elder Penman gets Valentine's cookies from home (his heart is broken)
A package from home with Dad's sugar cookies!
So last week was absolutely amazing. Members fed us almost every day.

Monday we went to a charity shop to do service. We showed up and the manager saw our badges and started yelling at us and how he would never listen to us. Elder Lauricella and I waited for a few minutes until he finished and said we are here to help. We were sent by your coworker. and he started apologizing. It was hilarious.

On Wednesday, we brought the Addiction Recovery Program to Richard and Leanne. We taught step 1 admit to your self that you are powerless to over come addiction and your life has become unmanageable. We talked about how the Atonement of Christ can lift us to overcome all things. They have committed to start stopping smoking. 

Thursday, we had an amazing lesson with the Ryles, the part member family. We went in planning to finish up the Restoration. We both felt prompted to focus on the Atonement. I have never felt the Spirit so strong in a lesson. It was going so well, then she slammed her Book Of Mormon down and said "that's it!" and walked out of the room. We sat there waiting for awhile. She came back in and said "its all so real to me now. I'm getting scared because when I know its true I'll have to do it." We went on teaching. She knows she needs to be baptized. We are going to use the Addiction Recovery Program with her too.

Saturday, we were GQing people at night in Dunfermline and we stopped a drunk homeless guy who played the harmonica for us. When we were saying bye, he turned around and said "watch out boys. There are crazy people out tonight." So we went on our way and talked to another drunk and homeless guy. We talked to him for a while and when we said bye he turned around and said "watch out boys. There are crazy people out tonight." The exact same thing the other guy said. I turned to Elder Johnson and he looked at me and said we need to go inside. I don't know what would have happened if we would have stayed out, but we are lucky the Lord warned us two times to go inside.

This week was great. Miracles happen every day. It's our choice if we want to notice them or not.

Elder Penman looks like a natural in the traditional
headwear for a military piper (bear skin)

Elder Penman 
Elder Lauricella, Scottish Piper Man (Jurek Mlotkiewicz--ward executive secretary) , Elder Penman
Jim and Jane Brown and friends and family
Elder Lauricella planking
Elder Penman

Elder Penman planking
Elder Penman planking

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