Monday, April 27, 2015

Just pics Dunfermline, Cowdenbeath, Culross

Catching up on some pictures that haven't fit in the blog with Elder Penman's emails:

April 20, 2015 Visit to Culross Abbey and Culross, Fife, Scotland.  The abbey was founded in 1217 by Malcolm I, Mormaer or Earl of Fife, and was first colonised by monks from Kinloss Abbey.

April 20, 2015--Elder Penman stated in his letter that he and Elder Forbush had cleaned their flat extremely well in anticipation of a flat inspection by someone in the mission office.

Elder Penman has totally filled his first journal and moved on to the 2nd volume of his mission
Crazy car

Rod and Elder Penman

Dunfermline Abbey

Elder Forbush, Titch, Elder Penman

The Man Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain...

Well time is cruising!!!!

This week we had moves day on Wednesday and neither the sisters nor us were moving and they have a car, so we were gonna check out a castle. We got a call from them early saying they had just got in a crash so we couldn't travel very far. We ended up parking on this unused road so we could hike the Hill Of Beath. It was a good hike. It was really pretty. The side of the hill is this super soft grass like stuff so Elder Forbush and I rolled down it for a little. I felt like Westley fae The Princess Bride. 
Hiking up Hill of Beath

Elder Forbush, Sister Sawyer, Sister Montgomery, Elder Penman

We went to leave but the little road we went down, its gate was locked. So we were stuck in the middle of nowhere locked in. We saw a couple of tractors out in the middle of their fields, but they were pretty far out. The sisters had something to go to and they were going to be late if we didn't get the gate unlocked. I ran across a plowed field to wave down a huge tractor but he didn't have the key so I talked to him about the gospel and referred him to I didn't have a card though so I hope he doesn't forget.  So I ran a half a mile to an even bigger tractor to see if he had the key but he didn't, but he would call the guy to come unlock the gate. A pretty big tractor came over and an old, Short Scottish guy got out. I love the farms accent here. They sound great.  He let us out. We got a way good picture with him. But the sisters were able to make there appointment on time tho! It was quite funny! 

We are teaching a man named S____.  We taught him on Thursday and he came to church this Sunday as well. J___ is doing well but is thinking about how much she will be giving up for God but is knowing its the right thing to do. It's so amazing to watch her grow from knowing not to much to growing a strong testimony. We are really focusing on having her turn to God with everything and to read to receive answers. We have to move K___'s date back a week because he couldn't attend church this week because his boiler broke... but he is doing awesome and we taught all the commandments and he is living all of them already. D____ is doing well. we just need her to make the next step and come to church. She is really growing as well and I don't think she likes it very much. I keep telling her that when
you grow in the gospel its just like growing in real life. There are bound to be growing pains. It's going to
hurt, but you're going to like the end result. All of you that work out will understand this concept as well. 

Beautiful Scottish Scenery
Everything is good in Scotland. It was really warm at the beginning of the week but it's Scotland so it's always up and down. We went from 21c to 1c in the matter of 2 days. I love being a missionary so much!!!! God is the best and Jesus lives for all of us. 

Elder Penman

Hill of Beath (About this sound listen Hill o Beath in Scots) is a hill and a village in FifeScotland just outside Dunfermline and joined to Cowdenbeath.
The Hill of Beath was the location of a celebrated meeting of the Covenanters at which John Blackadder was one of the preachers. At that meeting, held in the summer of 1670 during the height of the struggle against episcopal rule, the Covenanters brought swords and pistols to defend themselves against attack.
Elder Johnson, Elder Penman
Elder Penman, Elder Parry
These young men are on a mission...
Can I share my testimony with you? --Elder Forbush

Let me share the happiness this book has brought to
 me in my life. --Elder Penman