Monday, April 6, 2015


With Elder Wu (Elder Johnson photobombing) Probably at Dundee Zone Development
Wow!!  Conference was the best way to close a week. The talks were amazing! Elder Brent H. Nielson's Talk was hit me the hardest. (SUMMARY HERE: )

We had a good week Monday after P-day it was pouring rain and we went out to go tract for a few hours. Right as I opened the door I felt it was wrong to go out and tract. I thought I was just being lazy and trying to get out of it so I questioned it and the Spirit said, "no, you need to be somewhere else."  So I shut the door and looked at Elder Forbush and said, "we aren't supposed to go there." He looked at me so confused. So I said a prayer to know where we should go. Then Elder Parry called us and asked us to visit a recent convert. The spirit said inside me "YES!" and joy overcame me. The whole time we walked I could feel the Spirit with us. As I got closer the more I could feel the Spirit. I knew that was where we needed to be! We had a great conversation with the sister and she had some concerns and didn't know if she ever wanted to come back to church. We had her tell us her conversion story and WOW! She started glowing while telling us and reliving these precious moments. 

I know it is so important to keep our feelings of our conversion at the surface. When we bury  it and sink them, the harder it is to remember the way we felt the first time we knew God was there. That He loves us and knows us so perfectly. We all should keep these moments on us at all times, so when hardship comes we remember why we chose this path. Maybe you have had experiences now and in the more recent times. These are even better. This is like replacing old sand bags with new ones that aren't falling apart so they cannot be washed away in the run off season. 

On my mission and even back home I have seen the weakening of a testimony because it is not being nourished. They aren't getting the care they need. The apostles and prophets say this time and time again. This is why we pray, read, and receive a witness for ourselves. We have been teaching through the lessons with members and inviting them to receive a witness again that the Book Of Mormon is true and that Jesus Christ's church is restored and HE still leads it. It is never enough to only receive one witness. When we strengthen that witness, we will have courage to obey and to stand like Our Savior for what is right.

I have reflected a lot about Christ this Easter. I know He lives, I know He showed more love that could and will never be matched. I know my Brother and Best Friend leads us and wants to help us in all circumstances good and in bad, when we know he's there or when we have no clue, and when we love Him or when we hate Him. His Love will never fail. I love Jesus soooo much. I Want all of you to know that. He is the BEST! 

Love, Elder Penman
Chicken stir fry--it's what's for dinner!

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