Monday, March 30, 2015

I Dunnae Ken

Elder Penman, up close
This week went by really fast. So I dun-nae ken.

  Through out the week I have been focusing on how to make my studies and prayers more effective and receive revelation. It has been so amazing!! I have learned how to focus my thoughts and think about what I'm reading and saying. The more time I take time to think and listen are the times that the spirit over comes my thoughts and even studying the simplest things I'm able to apply it so perfectly into my life. During my prayers, I have been letting the spirit bring my true thoughts and feelings and questions to the surface so I am able to truly know what I need. I have been spending a ton of time on my knees just listening in silence.  Letting our Father give me instruction on what I can do to become better. I have been finding the more I do this the more I grow closer and strengthen my love for Jesus Christ and our Father. I love them more then words can explain and I know He loves me and all of you a lot more then I love Him. I can not wait till the day comes that I can fully comprehend His love. It will be an amazing day.
   I have been studying Come Unto Christ because it has always interested me. It is our purpose to invite others to come unto Christ. So I wonder why we wanted others to come unto Christ. Others I take it is everyone. We invite less actives to Christ, non members, and even members. Why is it so important? I learned that it's the first step in all things. When you wash your hands you don't rub your hands in water and then put the soap on and then walk out. NO!!! You would put soap on then wash it off. Christ is the first thing we need to, to be made clean. "There is no other name given under heaven where man can be saved." (Mosiah 3:7)  That's why if people  say I'm too far gone to come to church. its like saying I'm too embarrassed to take my broken car to the auto shop. No, you don't say that! Its the same thing. Christ heals and makes imperfect people better. If you feel you can't come to Christ because you're not worthy, stop that and just do it.
   We had Jane at church on Sunday. We also got a referral from a member to start teaching. His name is Kyle and he is ready to learn!

-Elder Penman

"...That they do remember him that they may have his spirit to be with them." D&C 20:77

(To fill in the travel log of what happened this week, Elder Penman's companion, Elder Forbush, shared the following:
So for the whole week we had a lot of appointments fall through and I felt like most of the days were wasted, but there would be something that would make the day better. We had another appointment with D___ and it was really intense!!! During the middle of the lesson the spirit told both me and E. Penman to tell her that Heavenly Father wants her to be baptized on the 12 of May. The whole room got quiet when I invited her. She said that's going to be a hard goal. We told her that Heavenly Father wouldn't give her something that wouldn't be impossible. That really calmed her down and she agreed and excepted!!!
Later in the week I had my first plate of HAGGIS!!!!! IT WAS REALLY GOOD!!! Evelyn made it for us on Saturday and it looks like ground beef with oatmeal hahaha!
A really cool thing that happened this week is that J___ one of our investigators went to church this Sunday!!! She said that she really liked it and that she would like to come again! I was really surprised because the meeting was all about the Ward Counsel setting up to get the ward involved in missionary work. She loved it! I can't wait to have her experience a Sunday that's full of gospel lessons, too.
Love Elder Joshua Brock Forbush
Scotland/Ireland Mission

With Brother Richard Gallant

I'm so glad he's doing this while dressed as a missionary....  :O

Brother Brian Hall

With Brother Brian Hall

Elder Penman with Brother John and Sister Lynn Hargreaves from Kelty

Brother Hall

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Total eclipse for my birthday

Elder Penman and Elder Forbush at the bus station
So we had a pretty good week! 

We taught Ayrton the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. We used Alma 36:18 to show that the Atonement can make pain disappear but also turn it into joy beyond your pain. Ayrton was expressing how she really wanted to be baptized on the 18th of April. 
After Ayrton, we taught Titch and Leeanne. They are doing OK. Things have slowed a little but it is a hard thing to give up addictions. After Titch's we had another amazing lesson with Jane. Jane is remembering what we are teaching and said she doesnt want to know truth she wants to feel if its right. 

The manual on how to deal with a "Greenie" Companion.
Elder Forbush has been out 2 weeks now!
We are teaching members and less actives through the discussions. Its good especially with the new guy Elder Forbush. We can have low pressure practices. Elder Parry and I were on exchanges one day and we ended up teaching the Restoration 4-5 times. We are learning so much from teaching it and perfecting the way we teach.

Dunfermline City Chambers and skyline, Fife, Scotland

 We had an amazing Zone Conference on receiving personal revelation and also working with ward council unity.  Sam Wong's talk from General Conference last October really puts into perspective how important it is to not work faster than the ward or not to work slower than the ward. We need to be hand and hand. I have been thinking about this non stop for the past week... How can we be more unified in the work of Salvation. It seems when ever I have deep thoughts on this stuff God strings me along to try my faith and see if I actually want an answer because It never comes easy!
Dunfermline Abbey

Elder Forbush and I felt we shouldn't go to the lesson with Debbie so we canceled and right after we canceled, the Marr family called and asked us if we wanted dinner. It was another amazing event God put in our path I still don't know why we weren't suppose to go.

Well there was a total eclipse on my birthday. That was cool. We were in studies when all of a sudden our room went really dark then back to normal. I wish we could have seen it. Thanks to all of you who wished me a happy birthday.!! (:
Birthday Stash!   Happy 19th Birthday Elder Penman!
I love you all a lot!! 
Elder Penman
Birthday hat for the birthday boy!  Buzz Lightyear!
To Infinity...and Beyond!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Elder Penman's best buddy Noah who is from and lives in Northern Ireland ("Norn Iron so he is...").  He may be the cutest Leprechaun we've ever seen.  

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hello Elder Forbush! (6th Transfer, 3rd Area, 7th Companion)

Elder Penman at Pratt's Hill--or Arthur's Seat (taken by Elder de Vries)
At the beginning of this week I was so nervous. All my mission I have had no responsibility at all. Now I'm going to be put right in the fire with a new missionary.
Before Elder Lauricella left, we taught Jane with her neighbor Sister Anderson and Brother Liston. They fellowshipped amazingly. It's so fun to teach her because she knows nothing about Christianity so everything is taught to the simplest form. It's so fun.
Edinburgh from Pratt's Hill (taken by Elder Forbush)
Elder Forbush on Pratt's Hill
It was sad to see Elder Lauricella go. But he is going to beautiful "Norn Iron so he is" (Northern Ireland) its amazing! I traveled down to Edinburgh on a train all by myself. That was pretty crazy. I met up with a few other missionaries at the train station and got a ride to the mission home to go and meet the trainees. I got to see Elder Smiler in the mission home before his 2 day flight to Australia. I also got to spend most of the day with Elder de Vries, who is doing a ton better. We got to hike Pratt's Hill again and I got to pray and tell the Lord my goals for my mission. On the way down Elder de Vries fell and got his nice suit all muddy. We then got to know who our trainees were. I'm training an Elder from West Jordan Named Elder Forbush. He's awesome.
Elder Penman at Pratt's Hill picking up his trainee (taken by Elder de Vries)
His first day we taught 2 amazing lessons with Tich and Leanne. Then one with Debbie R. She expressed that she wants to be baptized she just thinks its to hard to give up drinking and smoking so now she is coming to Addiction Recovery to have Christ help her through it!!! I'm so excited for her.
His second day we tracted all day. It was so funny. complete opposite days. It's so fun to watch him get better every day we are out. He is so excited to work.. and I love working and he just brings a happy uplifting excitement with him.
That's my week. Pretty plain but always the BEST! I wouldn't trade this time I am having for anything!

Calton Hill
Edinburgh Castle
Elder Penman
All the new trainees and trainers with Pres. and Sis. Brown March 2015

Friday, March 13, 2015

A brand new companion, a brand new missionary

On Wednesday, March 11, Elder Andrew Penman traveled to Edinburgh to pick up his brand new missionary trainee, Elder Brock Forbush (also from Utah).  Elder Forbush's mom was so excited to find out about Elder Penman's love of activity and adventure.
Elder Penman and Elder Forbush (trainee) standing by the
David O. Mackay stone at the Mission Office from the story below
Stirling, Scotland, 1898, David O. McKay: “I was homesick and a little discouraged on this day.  As we were coming back into town, I saw an unfinished dwelling, over the front door of which was a stone on which there was a carving. That was most unusual, so I said to Elder Johnston, ‘I’m going to see what that is.’ I was half way up the graveled walk when there came to my eyesight a striking motto as follows, carved in stone:  “ ‘Whate’er Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part.’  I said to myself, or the Spirit within me,  you are here as a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. That afternoon, I accepted the message given to me on that stone, and from that moment we tried to do our part as missionaries in  Scotland”  

Also, Elder Forbush's mom posted this on her instagram (evidently Elder Forbush also LOVES to parkour and flip and mess around).

Monday, March 9, 2015

Moves Call and Just a Great Week

This week was packed full of hard work and flew by. Whenever you work hard and have a positive attitude about it... It blows by.
Penman Construction Company--Building lives

    Tuesday we were chapping by a member's house in this neighborhood and every house we knocked a young mom would answer with 3-4 kids. Its the best place to tract ever. There are so many houses full of married families. We found a woman named Jane who is Chinese, married and, has a 1 year old child. She invited us back on Friday. We are constantly praying through out the day... asking for guidance, thanking our Father. It has been so fun to come closer to our Father and to get to know him that much more. He is an amazing Person.
    Wednesday we knocked that same neighborhood and got 2 more return appointments with families for next Tuesday. We had a book of Mormon class that I invited Brother Watt to teach. He is brilliant. He had tons of fun teaching and said he wants to keep teaching it and bring more people to it.
    On Thursday we taught Rod and Debbie R. It was a crazy lesson. Debbie was getting dental surgery the next day so we gave her a comfort blessing. As soon as I put my hands on her head I started and instantly I could feel how rough her life was and how awful she was treated growing up. I could feel she had a deeper issue then smoking. It was amazing! When Rod dropped us off he told us something about here we wouldn't know but through giving here that blessing and the revelation I received I knew all the things he was telling us already. 
    Friday we had a great lesson with Jane. She is an open minded woman. She is searching for God and doesn't know exactly what she is looking for. We weren't able to teach to much because Ethan her child was teething and isn't very happy about it! We had a very spiritual lesson at Titch's house and we brought a member with us who hadn't really ever taught with the missionaries. Through the lesson we asked him how he converted to the church and you could see him glow with excitement. It was amazing and beautiful. Missionary work brings a joy like nothing else can!
    Sunday I spoke in church on attitude toward or during missionary work. I learned so much on my study toward this. First when you have doubt, fear, anger, frustration, dislike, etc. The spirit can not be there to help because It can not dwell in unholy places. That's what I have been using in my personal missionary efforts and we have had great success with the Lord's help. When you are joyfully living and preaching the gospel, it is SO MUCH more fun and  So MUCH more Enjoyable! Titch also attended church and we found a bunch of his hang ups and overcame some barriers.
P.S. I got my moves call to train a brand new missionary!! I'm so nervous!! Elder Lauricella is going to Belfast zone in Hollywood in the Rosetta building. Its a great place. I'm happy for him.

Elder Penman
We are all Enlisted till the conflict is or happy are we, HAPPY ARE WE! :)


 Loch Leven Castle
The island fastness of Lochleven is associated with many colourful events and has been visited by countless distinguished personalities during its history.  Some of those taking the boat across Loch Leven came of their own accord, including King Robert Bruce (in 1313 and 1323). Others were held prisoner within the castle’s walls – such as Robert, the High Stewart, in 1369, two years before his coronation as Robert II, the first of the royal house of Stewart.

But the castle will be forever associated in the memory with another Stewart sovereign, Mary Queen of Scots. She first visited in 1561 as a guest of the owner, Sir William Douglas. But her last stay, in 1567–8, was as his prisoner. It was at Lochleven that she was compelled to abdicate her throne in favour of her infant son, James VI. The castle walls held her for less than a year. In May 1568 she escaped across the loch and before that month was out she was in exile in England. She never saw her native land again


Monday, March 2, 2015

The History of the Church in Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland

The History of the Church in Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Ireland

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has had a presence in Ireland since at least 1840, when the Mormon missionary John Taylor preached in Belfast.  He and other missionaries converted a number of Irish. Many of the converted emigrated in order to escape poverty (and later famine) as well as to live in majority Latter Day Saint communities. However, some Latter Day Saints remained in Ireland.
Stake Center in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Today The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (by far the largest Latter Day Saint denomination) claims 2,915 members in the Republic of Ireland. 
Clonsilla Ward Building in Dublin Ireland
Currently there are 13 congregations in the Republic of Ireland and 11 congregations in Northern Ireland. Well-known Irish Latter day Saints include Charles Albert Callis who was a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and Robert Sands who was the first conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
Country/Dependency/ Territory
Northern Ireland
Republic of Ireland
All Ireland
The nation of Ireland shares its mission with Scotland (based in Edinburgh).
There are no LDS temples in Ireland itself.
Both of the UK/British Isles temples are in England. The Preston Temple serves both the Dublin Ireland Stake and the Belfast Northern Ireland Stake, while the London Temple serves the Limerick Ireland District.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Scotland

As of January 1, 2011, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reported 26,826 members in five stakes, 40 congregations (27 wards and 13 branches), one mission, and no temples in Scotland. Since Scottish population tends to be thinly scattered over most of the country, and concentrated in a few small areas, this has caused problems with missionary work and infrastructure, particularly in island areas.

The first Mormon missionaries to proselytize in the British Isles arrived in 1837. Beginning in the 1950s emigration to the United States began to be discouraged and local congregations began to proliferate. The church claims just over 186,000 members across the United Kingdom, spread out across over 330 local congregations.
Alexander Wright and Samuel Mulliner, two native born Scots living in Canada, were converted and baptized while living in Ontario during the mid-1830s. They were called as the first missionaries to Scotland, arriving in Glasgow on 20 December 1839. Elder Mulliner stopped in Edinburgh to see his parents and he also began systematic proselyting.
Elder Mulliner taught and baptized Alexander Hay and his wife Jessie in the River Clyde at Bishopton near Paisley on 14 January 1840. They were likely the first to join the Church in Scotland.
In February, Mulliner and Wright reunited and on 2 February 1840 baptized two young men from Leith.
By the time Orson Pratt of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles arrived in May 1840, Scotland had 80 Latter-day Saints. When six months had past he attended the mission conference in Manchester, England and report that there were over 250 Church members in the Edinburgh to Glasgow area.
While in Edinburgh, Pratt wrote and published the pamphlet “An Interesting Account of Several Remarkable Visions.” It included the first published account of Joseph Smith’s first vision, and with the scriptures, became a standard Church publication in Scotland.
In May 1840, missionary Reuben Hedlock began working in Glasgow where he organized a branch on 8 August 1840. By March, 1841, when Orson Pratt departed from Scotland, he left George D. Watt in charge.
Stornoway Branch Building
Arthur's Seat also has a particular significance to the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, because this is where the nation of Scotland was dedicated in 1840 "for the preaching of the gospel". The apostle, Orson Pratt, arrived in Scotland in early 1840 and climbed the hill to pray to God for more converts.
LDS Membership statistics as of January 1, 2011 for Scotland.
Country Membership: Scotland 26,826
Stakes: 5 Wards: 27  Branches: 13
Total Congregations: 40
Scotland has the second highest membership of all the countries in the British Isles after England.