Monday, March 2, 2015

God is Good!

So another amazing week was given to us by God himself.

We had zone development this Monday and played tons of games up in Dundee at the stake center.

Tuesday we had a p-day till 3. We did addiction recovery at the end of the night and had a great turn out. Then I exchanged with Elder Benesch's companion Elder Neideck up to Dundee. Elder Neideck Is an awesome German missionary. That night I had a weird feeling to pray for one of my trainers Elder de Vries. I had no Idea why I felt that he was having stomach problems again or something so I prayed.

Wednesday Elder Neideck and I went out to GQ in Saint Andrews, Which is a beautiful place and a mini Uni(college) village. We couldn't find a parking spot so obviously the Lord needed us else where. So we drove to Dundee University and couldn't find a parking spot so we prayed. We asked the Lord to let us know where we should be and we had a feeling to back out of the parking lot to leave then a man got in his car and left. We both felt prompted to park there. While we found, we got 2 return appointments and found a referral for Glasgow. We then traveled back that night to exchange back just in time for Book Of Mormon Class. While i was gone, Elder Lauricella and Elder Benesch committed Ayrton to be baptized on the 18th of April. She accepted!!! Titch and Leanne were taught the addiction Recovery Class.

Thursday we taught Debbie and Rod Riley. It was a good lesson on scripture study and how it can help us gain strength from the Lord. She seemed to take in alot. They also fed us Doner Kebabs

Friday we taught Titch while we got him some food. Brother Liston drove him around, he is our ward mission leader. We taught Titch about the resurrection instead of the reincarnation. He gets it now. Brother Liston is an absolute beast and magnifies his calling so much.

Saturday we tracted a lot. No success. We ate at a part member family's house, the Higgs. We ate Lamb and totties.

Sunday we had Ayrton at church!!!! She loved it and wants to come again. We ate 2 dinner apointments back to back. First at the Mlotcowvieck then at the Wattsons.. I was absolutly full. We ended the night at a missionary fireside we put together with Brother Liston. We had lots of speakers then role played delivering and invitation to come to an activity at church.

So we got a voice mail today from the zone leaders saying on Tuesday Elder de Vries had an aneurysm in his brain, Tuesday night. That's why I had the feeling to pray and everything is okay with him... just time to recover so if you would please say a prayer in behalf of him that he will heal. 

I love you all so much!!! Being a missionary is the BEST!!

Elder Penman

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