Monday, March 16, 2015

Hello Elder Forbush! (6th Transfer, 3rd Area, 7th Companion)

Elder Penman at Pratt's Hill--or Arthur's Seat (taken by Elder de Vries)
At the beginning of this week I was so nervous. All my mission I have had no responsibility at all. Now I'm going to be put right in the fire with a new missionary.
Before Elder Lauricella left, we taught Jane with her neighbor Sister Anderson and Brother Liston. They fellowshipped amazingly. It's so fun to teach her because she knows nothing about Christianity so everything is taught to the simplest form. It's so fun.
Edinburgh from Pratt's Hill (taken by Elder Forbush)
Elder Forbush on Pratt's Hill
It was sad to see Elder Lauricella go. But he is going to beautiful "Norn Iron so he is" (Northern Ireland) its amazing! I traveled down to Edinburgh on a train all by myself. That was pretty crazy. I met up with a few other missionaries at the train station and got a ride to the mission home to go and meet the trainees. I got to see Elder Smiler in the mission home before his 2 day flight to Australia. I also got to spend most of the day with Elder de Vries, who is doing a ton better. We got to hike Pratt's Hill again and I got to pray and tell the Lord my goals for my mission. On the way down Elder de Vries fell and got his nice suit all muddy. We then got to know who our trainees were. I'm training an Elder from West Jordan Named Elder Forbush. He's awesome.
Elder Penman at Pratt's Hill picking up his trainee (taken by Elder de Vries)
His first day we taught 2 amazing lessons with Tich and Leanne. Then one with Debbie R. She expressed that she wants to be baptized she just thinks its to hard to give up drinking and smoking so now she is coming to Addiction Recovery to have Christ help her through it!!! I'm so excited for her.
His second day we tracted all day. It was so funny. complete opposite days. It's so fun to watch him get better every day we are out. He is so excited to work.. and I love working and he just brings a happy uplifting excitement with him.
That's my week. Pretty plain but always the BEST! I wouldn't trade this time I am having for anything!

Calton Hill
Edinburgh Castle
Elder Penman
All the new trainees and trainers with Pres. and Sis. Brown March 2015

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