Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Total eclipse for my birthday

Elder Penman and Elder Forbush at the bus station
So we had a pretty good week! 

We taught Ayrton the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. We used Alma 36:18 to show that the Atonement can make pain disappear but also turn it into joy beyond your pain. Ayrton was expressing how she really wanted to be baptized on the 18th of April. 
After Ayrton, we taught Titch and Leeanne. They are doing OK. Things have slowed a little but it is a hard thing to give up addictions. After Titch's we had another amazing lesson with Jane. Jane is remembering what we are teaching and said she doesnt want to know truth she wants to feel if its right. 

The manual on how to deal with a "Greenie" Companion.
Elder Forbush has been out 2 weeks now!
We are teaching members and less actives through the discussions. Its good especially with the new guy Elder Forbush. We can have low pressure practices. Elder Parry and I were on exchanges one day and we ended up teaching the Restoration 4-5 times. We are learning so much from teaching it and perfecting the way we teach.

Dunfermline City Chambers and skyline, Fife, Scotland

 We had an amazing Zone Conference on receiving personal revelation and also working with ward council unity.  Sam Wong's talk from General Conference last October really puts into perspective how important it is to not work faster than the ward or not to work slower than the ward. We need to be hand and hand. I have been thinking about this non stop for the past week... How can we be more unified in the work of Salvation. It seems when ever I have deep thoughts on this stuff God strings me along to try my faith and see if I actually want an answer because It never comes easy!
Dunfermline Abbey

Elder Forbush and I felt we shouldn't go to the lesson with Debbie so we canceled and right after we canceled, the Marr family called and asked us if we wanted dinner. It was another amazing event God put in our path I still don't know why we weren't suppose to go.

Well there was a total eclipse on my birthday. That was cool. We were in studies when all of a sudden our room went really dark then back to normal. I wish we could have seen it. Thanks to all of you who wished me a happy birthday.!! (:
Birthday Stash!   Happy 19th Birthday Elder Penman!
I love you all a lot!! 
Elder Penman
Birthday hat for the birthday boy!  Buzz Lightyear!
To Infinity...and Beyond!

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