Monday, March 9, 2015

Moves Call and Just a Great Week

This week was packed full of hard work and flew by. Whenever you work hard and have a positive attitude about it... It blows by.
Penman Construction Company--Building lives

    Tuesday we were chapping by a member's house in this neighborhood and every house we knocked a young mom would answer with 3-4 kids. Its the best place to tract ever. There are so many houses full of married families. We found a woman named Jane who is Chinese, married and, has a 1 year old child. She invited us back on Friday. We are constantly praying through out the day... asking for guidance, thanking our Father. It has been so fun to come closer to our Father and to get to know him that much more. He is an amazing Person.
    Wednesday we knocked that same neighborhood and got 2 more return appointments with families for next Tuesday. We had a book of Mormon class that I invited Brother Watt to teach. He is brilliant. He had tons of fun teaching and said he wants to keep teaching it and bring more people to it.
    On Thursday we taught Rod and Debbie R. It was a crazy lesson. Debbie was getting dental surgery the next day so we gave her a comfort blessing. As soon as I put my hands on her head I started and instantly I could feel how rough her life was and how awful she was treated growing up. I could feel she had a deeper issue then smoking. It was amazing! When Rod dropped us off he told us something about here we wouldn't know but through giving here that blessing and the revelation I received I knew all the things he was telling us already. 
    Friday we had a great lesson with Jane. She is an open minded woman. She is searching for God and doesn't know exactly what she is looking for. We weren't able to teach to much because Ethan her child was teething and isn't very happy about it! We had a very spiritual lesson at Titch's house and we brought a member with us who hadn't really ever taught with the missionaries. Through the lesson we asked him how he converted to the church and you could see him glow with excitement. It was amazing and beautiful. Missionary work brings a joy like nothing else can!
    Sunday I spoke in church on attitude toward or during missionary work. I learned so much on my study toward this. First when you have doubt, fear, anger, frustration, dislike, etc. The spirit can not be there to help because It can not dwell in unholy places. That's what I have been using in my personal missionary efforts and we have had great success with the Lord's help. When you are joyfully living and preaching the gospel, it is SO MUCH more fun and  So MUCH more Enjoyable! Titch also attended church and we found a bunch of his hang ups and overcame some barriers.
P.S. I got my moves call to train a brand new missionary!! I'm so nervous!! Elder Lauricella is going to Belfast zone in Hollywood in the Rosetta building. Its a great place. I'm happy for him.

Elder Penman
We are all Enlisted till the conflict is or happy are we, HAPPY ARE WE! :)


 Loch Leven Castle
The island fastness of Lochleven is associated with many colourful events and has been visited by countless distinguished personalities during its history.  Some of those taking the boat across Loch Leven came of their own accord, including King Robert Bruce (in 1313 and 1323). Others were held prisoner within the castle’s walls – such as Robert, the High Stewart, in 1369, two years before his coronation as Robert II, the first of the royal house of Stewart.

But the castle will be forever associated in the memory with another Stewart sovereign, Mary Queen of Scots. She first visited in 1561 as a guest of the owner, Sir William Douglas. But her last stay, in 1567–8, was as his prisoner. It was at Lochleven that she was compelled to abdicate her throne in favour of her infant son, James VI. The castle walls held her for less than a year. In May 1568 she escaped across the loch and before that month was out she was in exile in England. She never saw her native land again


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