Monday, March 30, 2015

I Dunnae Ken

Elder Penman, up close
This week went by really fast. So I dun-nae ken.

  Through out the week I have been focusing on how to make my studies and prayers more effective and receive revelation. It has been so amazing!! I have learned how to focus my thoughts and think about what I'm reading and saying. The more time I take time to think and listen are the times that the spirit over comes my thoughts and even studying the simplest things I'm able to apply it so perfectly into my life. During my prayers, I have been letting the spirit bring my true thoughts and feelings and questions to the surface so I am able to truly know what I need. I have been spending a ton of time on my knees just listening in silence.  Letting our Father give me instruction on what I can do to become better. I have been finding the more I do this the more I grow closer and strengthen my love for Jesus Christ and our Father. I love them more then words can explain and I know He loves me and all of you a lot more then I love Him. I can not wait till the day comes that I can fully comprehend His love. It will be an amazing day.
   I have been studying Come Unto Christ because it has always interested me. It is our purpose to invite others to come unto Christ. So I wonder why we wanted others to come unto Christ. Others I take it is everyone. We invite less actives to Christ, non members, and even members. Why is it so important? I learned that it's the first step in all things. When you wash your hands you don't rub your hands in water and then put the soap on and then walk out. NO!!! You would put soap on then wash it off. Christ is the first thing we need to, to be made clean. "There is no other name given under heaven where man can be saved." (Mosiah 3:7)  That's why if people  say I'm too far gone to come to church. its like saying I'm too embarrassed to take my broken car to the auto shop. No, you don't say that! Its the same thing. Christ heals and makes imperfect people better. If you feel you can't come to Christ because you're not worthy, stop that and just do it.
   We had Jane at church on Sunday. We also got a referral from a member to start teaching. His name is Kyle and he is ready to learn!

-Elder Penman

"...That they do remember him that they may have his spirit to be with them." D&C 20:77

(To fill in the travel log of what happened this week, Elder Penman's companion, Elder Forbush, shared the following:
So for the whole week we had a lot of appointments fall through and I felt like most of the days were wasted, but there would be something that would make the day better. We had another appointment with D___ and it was really intense!!! During the middle of the lesson the spirit told both me and E. Penman to tell her that Heavenly Father wants her to be baptized on the 12 of May. The whole room got quiet when I invited her. She said that's going to be a hard goal. We told her that Heavenly Father wouldn't give her something that wouldn't be impossible. That really calmed her down and she agreed and excepted!!!
Later in the week I had my first plate of HAGGIS!!!!! IT WAS REALLY GOOD!!! Evelyn made it for us on Saturday and it looks like ground beef with oatmeal hahaha!
A really cool thing that happened this week is that J___ one of our investigators went to church this Sunday!!! She said that she really liked it and that she would like to come again! I was really surprised because the meeting was all about the Ward Counsel setting up to get the ward involved in missionary work. She loved it! I can't wait to have her experience a Sunday that's full of gospel lessons, too.
Love Elder Joshua Brock Forbush
Scotland/Ireland Mission

With Brother Richard Gallant

I'm so glad he's doing this while dressed as a missionary....  :O

Brother Brian Hall

With Brother Brian Hall

Elder Penman with Brother John and Sister Lynn Hargreaves from Kelty

Brother Hall

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