Monday, April 20, 2015

Moves Call for Transfer 7--No changes!! :)

I'm so Glad i'm staying in an area for more than 2  transfers. But wow!! the past 6 weeks are flying! I feel like I was just in Edinburgh picking Elder Forbush up. Time is flying. 

So this week I had a bunch of unfortunate events happen. So I told God that I was going to be better about planning bus times, so we could have more finding time on the way. So I was working on that and BAM! Trials come my way to show me really how weak I am at planning bus times. Literally we had 4 or 5 buses not show up. Which made us late to a couple of appointments. It was the worst. I felt so rubbish. 

We taught K___ this week and asked him the baptismal questions and had no problem with any of them. He has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and loves the gospel. But he didn't come to church, so we may move his date back a week. We will see what God wants though. But he is doing awesome!

We taught J___. She is doing amazing. We were teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ about Faith, Repentance and when we hit baptism, she said I am actually excited to be baptized. She has a date for the 30th of May. We then finished the points Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. She came to Church for the first 2 classes but didn't stay for Sacrament Meeting. She does say so much when we are in the classes and participates so much. It's AWESOME. 

I'm so excited for both of them and I love seeing the change that's happening in them! It's so incredible to watch and be a part of this great and marvelous work. I love seeing and feeling the blessings that come from actively engaging in the restoration and like President Uchtdorf said "not sleeping through the restoration." I wish all of you could feel the joy that comes from sharing the Gospel Of Jesus Christ... Oh wait you all can!! (D&C 18:16)

Elder Penman

Common Broom Bush Cytisus scoparius

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