Monday, February 9, 2015

Cowdenbeath The Promised Area, I think the Lord Loves me!‏

Cowdenbeath from High Street (image from the Internet)
What a week. We are seeing so many blessing here in Dunfermline Ward. The members here are great and are doing missionary work that is why the are seeing so many blessings here. We have been inviting members to set a date that they will have a friend be taught by missionaries in their homes and it is truly working!!

We were able to teach Richard, Leanne and the family this week. We have all of them old enough to be baptized with a date for April 25th. So that is 4 of them. We need to get them married and help them live the commandments by then. I'm so happy for them.

We visited a part member family, the Rileys. He is a member but she isn't, the cool thing is she knows the church is true but she needs a little bit of help to be baptized. So that will take some time but I know she will get the courage and the desire to do it. 

We had a zone interview training and we talked a lot about member work. We are helping the members the best we can but I'm still trying to find the best way. So I'm asking you all--do you have any suggestions on what you would like or think a missionary could do to best build a relationship with you and your family and at the same time spiritually feed your needs and not only your wants? So please tell me things you think could help.

I know the Lord loves me because on Sunday morning we were walking with Richard to the bus and I saw something wooden. I jumped the fence and lifted up a Guitar. It was in pretty good shape, all the strings were in place, just a little out of tune, but now I have a guitar. It's pretty neat!
Dunfermline Ward building

Richard attended church with his 7 year old daughter and both of them loved it. We had a Nigerian man that we met last week come to church as well. He says he wants to come more and have us teach him about what we believe. He is so faith filled and loves his Savior sooo much. 

Well, my week has been fast but amazing. I love all of you and so does your Father in Heaven!

Elder Penman

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