Monday, September 28, 2015

NOTHING is going to change! :)

With Elder Beckstrand--Staying together and on the road again
We got moves call. We ARE Staying! This is only the 2nd time on my mission I wasn't moving and neither was my companion. I'm so excited to work with Elder Beckstrand... Even better our Zone only has 3 changes. So we will get to work with all the same missionaries and keep on building the relationships we have!!

Letterkenney Blitz (thanks to Sister Wagner)
seated Elders Penman and Beckstrand
Standing L to R: Sisters Wagner, Fechser, Solum, Stein
     We got to go and blitz in Letterkenney, with the Dublin Sister's Training Leaders and the
Letterkenney sisters. It was so fun to work with those 4 sisters. Elder Beckstrand and I made a goal to get 20 people's numbers that were interested... we only got 16 but still that is pretty good. We blitzed Bangor's area as well. We got to work with all 6 of the Elders out there it was so fun. We got Kababs that night and the England Wales Rugby match for the Rugby world cup was on. Elder Gates, an English Elder, was trying so hard not to watch but couldn't help it. It was so funny!

Exchanges with Elders Ward and Forbush 
     I went on Exchanges with my son Elder Forbush! It was awesome! We had just exchanged and I felt prompted to go by our investigator J_____. We knocked on the door. J_____ answered with a super shocked face. He let us in and we saw a huge bottle of cider. He was literally seconds away from drinking it. His brother had brought it over and left it and the adversary got to him and he was fighting and fighting and lost. He said as he was pouring the glass for himself, he said a prayer saying "God, help me to stop." He was lifting the glass to drink as we knocked on the door. Elder Forbush and I bore our testimonies on how much God loved him. I love when the Spirit puts me in situations that are crucial. Think if we would have chosen to ignore that prompting: he would have taken, only a few, but a few steps backward. That's how every day is when we ignore those promptings.  Those who are around us will take steps away from our Father, rather than towards Him. The same is if we wouldn't have been worthy to receive that prompting.
Part of the Belfast Zone: Elders Beckstrand, ?, ?, Ward,
 Forbush, Penman
 I went on exchanges in Cavehill. Their flat is sweet. It over looks all Belfast city and they have a balcony. We watched all the drunk people run around, it was funny. We would drop a or Book of Mormon cards and people would read them and pick them up. In the morning we found a man that had been drunk and fell asleep right on the Elders doorstep. Belfast is awesome.
     The Romanian family we are teaching is going to be taught by missionaries in Romania over Skype. This will help because it is hard to teach them, but we can see and feel that they are feeling the Spirit.
     I am on a quest to have my prayers be better and I am finding great success in my prayers when I just pray from the bottom of my heart and let my true feelings out. I have been preparing for my prayers and I am noticing the Spirit guide my prayers so much more. When I pray for people it is specific and more effective. We are seeing more success as we do this!
I love you all so much. I know our Father does as well.

Elder Penman.
If at first your prayers don't succeed, then pray and pray again.
A visit with Tom Henry from Omagh on Sep 1st--old friends reunited

Uh oh.  Hide your kids.  Hide your wives. 

The Elders' car

With Bishop Goodere in Dumfries (earlier in the summer)

Dumfries Youth

The flat in Belfast

unknown Elder sleeping in the back seat

Elder Plewe catching some shut eye

must be from Elder Penman's flight to Edinburgh

boarding the flight to Edinburgh 
view from the plane

view inside the plane

Meeting with old friends Elder Forbush and Sister Sawyer
(both served in Dunfermline with E. Penman)

Reunited with Elder Christensen

with Elder Shephard

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