Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference and Priesthood

 First off, I didn't have time to tell you about the miracle that happened while I was in the hospital (a few weeks ago in Belfast). Recently I have realized my time as a missionary is coming towards an end. I have had many friends tell me that it is so sad not to be able to wear your missionary name tag anymore. So as I was in the hospital; I decided I wanted to wear my name badge around. Every Doctor, Nurse and all other patients would ask about it and start up a conversation about why I was wearing it, or what exactly I did as a missionary. It was amazing. They came to me. A particular lady nurse had walked back and forward through the patients' bedrooms until she came into my area. She stopped stared at the badge and said, "Oh, you're The LDS Church," with a big smile. I asked when she came in contact with the church. Her reply shocked me. I am a member of 20 years. I was baptized in London in 1995. When she moved over to Northern Ireland she had lost contact. So we exchanged numbers and I gave her number to the nearest Elders to her. It was amazing.  I was actually studying from the Book of Mormon and shared some of my study with her. The Spirit was so strong and she teared up. I love being a missionary!!   

We are teaching a lot. Preston is getting Baptized next week. (:

General Conference was amazing!! We had a friend and her 7 year old child at one of the sessions and a YSA member at another. They loved it. By far the best sessions I have watched on my mission. It was so bold, loving and spiritual. They testified of families and parents, Temples, Doctrines of Christ, and so much doctrine!! My favorite 2 talks were Henry B. Erying's first talk, in the Saturday Morning session, and David A. Bednar's talk, on Saturday Evening. 

President Eyring taught us so much on how we can receive revelation and on the importance of sincere prayer. He taught that a lot of the revelation we receive and the revelation they speak depends on our faith and diligent prayers while they speak, then he sealed it up with a power house testimony! 

Elder Bednar taught us the doctrines of Christ and focused very much on three key things to help us "Retain A Remission Of Our Sins" 
1.) Baptism  2.) Receiving the Gift Of The Holy Ghost  3.)Sacrament. All three are essential for repentance and retaining that cleanliness we may have once had or will have. I love how he smashes that if we live these three ordinances, we will be able to kneel at the feet of our God and be without spot. 

You all should know that I know that WE are nothing, we are worthless, we are insignificant in comparison to God... But we are of so much worth, because all of us as individuals have had a price paid for us that is infinite. We are children of our Living Father who abodes in Heaven. That makes us worth more than this world can give, more than any substance we can see and touch around us. We are of divine heritage.  I know this is true. That is why we all can repent.

For those who read this and say " That is great, but it is not for me..." This is for you. You can repent. Nothing you have done is out of the reach of our Savior. He is all powerful, all knowing, and every where. So cry out with a sincere heart and faith on the Lamb of God who is mighty to save and cleanse. Forgive yourself and become submissive, humble, patient, charitable, and willing to submit to the Lords command (Mosiah 3:19). I testify this is true by the authority which the Holy Spirit has given me and in Jesus Christ's name.

Elder Penman     

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