Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Don't Worry About Nothing

Well, we got our moves call. I am leaving Clonsilla Ward in Dublin Ireland and I'm going.... I actually don't know where I am going yet. 

I was told on Sunday night to pack and head to the mission home. So...I have an assignment but not exactly sure yet. I think I will be told tonight what it is exactly. 
Off to the Mission Office in Edinburgh for a special assignment

So I am a little nervous but as the Subject says in grrrreeeaat English... hahaha

Don't worry about nothing.

haha. That's the code I live by.

Elder Moller and I had an amazing week last week. We taught so many wonderful people. We taught a lady a 15 minute lesson and she was overcome by the Spirit so she invited us back the next day. The next time we taught her. She felt it again. She was having a few troubles so we gave her a blessing of comfort and counsel.  Wow the priesthood is great. 

Preston Agho got baptized. He asked me to baptize him. I feel very blessed. It was the first time I had ever baptized anyone outside of the temple.

Elder Moller, Preston, and Elder Penman on Preston's baptism day

Well, I have no time! I love my mission here in Scotland and Ireland. I love the work I do! 

Elder Penman

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