Monday, June 13, 2016

Sunshine in my sole

We had another great week.  We are teaching a lovely young girl who is 21. Her name is Lauren Rolston. We found her our first few days while in Belfast but weren't able to meet with her until this last week. We taught her everyday last week and as of now as is preparing to be baptized on Sunday! We are hyped! 

 So... I was riding my bike this week... Elder Haller and I were going pretty fast and I went to switch gears and my chain broke. This caused me to fly off my bike and apparently I tried to catch myself with my wrist and now I have a broken thumb. Elder Haller saw the entire thing live and said it was a brutal crash. 

This week we will be down in Dublin unto Thursday. We are working our socks off, taking no p-day, working through lunch and dinner breaks. So we don't have much time today cause we have to get to work. Elder Haller and I are a great companionship and are being blessed due to our hard work. I love serving with Elder Haller. He is an absolute legend and we are running to the very end! I love this work!

Love, Elder Penman

Lunch out with Belfast missionaries (photo credit Alan
Marshall) and Brother Marshall and Sister Tracey from
Holywood Road Ward

Photo credit Emma Fisher
Holywood Road Ward

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