Monday, June 6, 2016

Sunny Sunny Belfast

Northern Ireland has seen many days of sunshine.  One headline reported
"Northern Ireland bakes as strange yellow object appears in the sky"
At Belfast City Hall, everyone is outside enjoying the sunshine

This week has probably been the sunniest week on my mission. I was starting to get sunburned... but I had no sun screen on me  because I have never actually needed sunscreen. So I went to the store to find some... Literally every store  went to had no sun screen and if they did have sunscreen it was sold out. It was crazy. 
   The funnest thing Elder Haller and I do is we have bikes and  we ride around Belfast on them. It is actually incredible. We ride down the street and stop people on our bikes. At first we were surprised with the response we were getting. People are so open to us on our bikes with our goofy helmets. We are absolutely running in our missionary wok. I just pray that my physical health will keep up with our work and The grace of our Savior will strengthen me. .  
   We have taught a lot this week. We have built a pretty nice teaching pool. Even though we won't be able to teach them as much as we would like. I truly believe a few of them will be baptized With in the next 3 weeks. It is quite weird to back and serving part time in Holywood Rd Ward. I don't know if their could be a better place to finish my mission. 

 So this week will visit 2 different areas. We will be going out to the top of the Republic of Ireland to a small town named Letterkenny and then to a little bit bigger town called Portadown. It Will be exciting.

  This week I was studying over the account in the Book Of Mormon where the Prophet Abinadi teaches the people in the Land of Nephi Lehi. It is quite interesting what he teaches them. He teaches King Noah and his priests, that they say the are teaching the Mosaic Law... But the aren't really because the do not even abide by what they teach. It caused me to think. about the difference between the teaching of Abinadi and those men. The reason Abinadi could teach with boldness that the spirit confounded these men was because he lived and practiced what he preached. You cannot testify truly of something you do not believe or know to be true. the only way to have strong faith is by living the Gospel. We must all live according to what we know to be true if we really want people to feel the spirit as we testify. Or to be confounded as we share this sacred gospel.  
  The Gospel is real and it has been restored to the earth. The Church of Jesus Christ of Letter-Day Saints is his kingdom on the earth. 

Elder Penman

The weather in Norn Iron over the last week

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