Monday, May 30, 2016

Til the Work is Through

Elder Penman takes a selfie in Oban.
It's almost as if the sun is scalding
his eyes.  Sunny days are not
all that common.
Lovely wee daisy though! 
Elders Penman and Perkins with
Oban branch member Sister
Carol Francis.  Thanks to Sister
Francis, E Penman's mom
received pictures this week. 
Alrrrright so the past 2 weeks Elder Perkins and myself have been serving in a small small town called Oban. We would literally stand outside on this corner all day long, right in front of a local Tesco. We did that because, all of the tourists would be out on the main street. As we stayed to the back roads we would tend to see more success. 

Sister Young, Sister Francis,
President Young

We have seen so many amazing miracles as we have served here in this tiny tiny town. We have taught a lot and we have been blessed to meet so many wonderful members here, Elder and Sister Young are the senior couple here in Oban.... Elder Young is also the Branch President. They are amazing. Absolutely faith filled people. I have learned so much from the both of them about relying on the Lord for all things.

As I have seen their example, I also was blessed with knowledge on the same principle from studying in Mosiah. Right in the middle of Mosiah there is a Man named Zeniff. He talks a lot about the wars that they had won because they fought in the strength of the Lord. We may understand this as the enabling power of the Atonement, or even grace. It shows the Difference between the acts of their persecutors and how they relied on their own strength which limited them. They had much trouble because of their un-reliance on The Lord their God. To truly have a greater outcome that will not only last in this temporal state we need to use The Strength Of The Lord In all we do. I know that the enabling power of Jesus Christ is real. I use it every day. When I use it I am happier, when I use it I am able to do all things which lie in His will. As Nephi said, If he command me to walk across the ocean on dry ground it would be done and I testify of that in the name of Jesus our Savior and Lord.
Elder Penman
Elder Perkins.  Going home to
Las Vegas on 5/31/16
Today I hiked up Pratt's Hill with all the missionaries going home tomorrow. It's crazy to see them all go. So many good friends moving on. Also tomorrow, I will be heading over to Belfast to stay there for the next week. 

Elder Penman

Beautiful Oban

Oban Branch building pulpit

Oban Branch congregation seats from the pulpit

View from the front of the Oban Branch building

Elder Perkins, Elder and Sister Young, Elder Penman

Elder Moller and Elder Haller (old comp and new comp)

Elders Moller and Penman
Elder Moller is going home tomorrow

Pratt's Hill (Arthur's Seat) outside Edinburgh

Saying goodbye to Elder Harman (going home tomorrow)

Group heading over to Ireland on the Ferry

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  1. Hi there Elder Penman. Just to say that we miss you here in Dunfermline. We hope you can pop in even if it is to say hi before you go home.