Monday, May 9, 2016

Belfast City!! Again

SIM Squad in front Queen's University of Belfast
It was so good to be back in Belfast this week. 

Gary "The Legend" Peoples from Holywood Rd Ward
I saw so many people that I hold very close to my heart. I was able to see Gary Peoples!! What a legend! I love that man. 

At dinner at Johnny
and Miriam Shearer's
for dinner
I saw Jaquie the lady that we taught to baptism. I also got to see many members from the Holywood Rd. Ward and the Omagh Branch. I Love Northern Ireland.  It was fun to talk to people in front of the uni all day every day just like the good times.  
With Emma Fisher
(Holywood Road Ward)
with Alan Marshall (Holywood Rd Ward)
Jade Fox takes a photo of the SIM
Squad during their Skype calls home to
their Mums for Mother's Day
at the Belfast Stake Center

Jade Fox and Victoria
Shearer took the SIM
Squad and Holywood Rd
Ward Elders out to lunch

With Margaret Deery Cathcart from Omagh Branch at Stake Conference


Victoria Shearer was driving by on
the streets of Belfast and noticed the
Elders and especially E. Penman, so
ran back to say hello and send a pic!

 We had a rough start at the beginning of the week. Due to some random bumps. It ended up being a really good week. I ran into my good friend Sebastian on the street as well. It was pretty awesome. 

During the week I met this young lady. We had a regular chat on the street but she decided she would meet with us. The next day we taught her about the Holy Ghost and she was so happy and loved it. She wants to get baptized so we met with her the next day and had an amazing lesson on the how the church came to be. As soon as we taught her she started telling us, "I feel like I remember this, but I have never heard it before. I feel a peace as I hear what you are teaching." We asked her to pray and as she prayed, she said, "I have never felt this way in my life and had this clarity in my mind before. I know and am sure that Jesus Christ is leading the church that these to Elders teach about. I I know these things really happened to Joseph Smith." The Spirit was so strong. It is so powerful when people we teach testify of what the have learned and know to be true! 

 I know that the members of the Godhead is made up of God--Our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ--the Savior of the World, and The Holy Ghost--the Spirit of truth who teaches us all truth. The Holy Spirit is a Member of the Godhead therefore He is a God. He has more power than any writing, any book. Scripture is only good sounding words. Without the Holy Spirit we can learn nothing... In fact scripture is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Therefore the Holy Spirit is greater than anything of this world. When the Holy Spirit teaches you it is of great importance. It is greater than any words and anything of this world. When the Holy Spirit teaches we must obey!

Elder Penman during his Mother's Day Skype call home
Elder Penman

 (4 pictures from Alicia Wang, member from Holywood Road Ward--regular goofball Elder Penman)

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