Sunday, May 15, 2016

Well, That Was Good!

Round 2 everyone.
 Alright so this week was good. We had sweet week. The 5 Guys (SIM Squad) were all down in Dublin this week. I love Dublin City Center!! It's so fun. Sometimes I feel as if I am in Brazil when I am here because there are Brazilians everywhere! It's great! We had some good success. 

Always a missionary
Thursday, I split from everyone, to head off early that morning to go back up to Belfast to get surgery...Again. It went well I think. 


The next day I we went to a baptism with the Belfast Elders. I was standing there just thinking, when a lady walked in all dressed up in a church outfit. Naturally, I assumed she was a minister of another church. So I started talking to her, and she started opening up about how wonderful she felt. She kept telling me "it feels like I am coming home. I found the church I am a part of and I felt that that was it for me. As I walked in today, I know this is where I am meant to be."
So we showed her around and she saw wonderful painting of the Savior and then wonderful paintings of the restoration of the Priesthood. and she started tearing up and said "ever since I held the Book Of Mormon and started reading it the is feeling came over me and I couldn't stop reading. Joseph Smith truly was a prophet of God." She went on to cry all the way through the baptismal service then to cry even harder at the baptism itself.  We started talking to her and she kept saying, "I want to be baptized. I feel this is God's Church." So we invited her then and there to be baptized on the 4th of June. She started crying and said "yes!"
Later, we found out that she committed to give up everything that was not in accordance to the teachings of modern day prophets and the commandments of God. Some of the things I don't even know if I could give them as freely as she did. She came to church today as well. It was so amazing and so spiritual.  I Feel so blessed that God has allowed me to witness such a conversion, and to be able to give her such a small portion of knowledge that the Holy Spirit could drive home!
Facebook message from Chris Shearer
from Holywood Road Ward:
"We're so happy to be reunited!
Facebook message from Beth Mayne from
Holywood Road Ward: "I told him
he wasn't allowed in case you
ere wondering
why he isn't making a face"

  I also was in Holywood road ward today! It was so awesome to see them all again! I Love this ward! 
Another thing. I am going to be in Oban for the next 2 weeks with Elder Perkins and myself. The 5 of us are getting split up due to a few missionaries going home this last week for health and other reasons so we are taking their spots. 

  God Lives, I have seen his matchless power this week and the miracle of conversion and I stand as a witness to all of you that this Is God's Church and He leads and Guides it in soooo many ways! 

-Elder Penman

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  1. You're still committed to bringing home a descendant of Duffy with you, right?! I'm so glad that you are well! I have been terrible at correspondence, but very faithful in praying on your behalf.

    We are proud of you!