Monday, May 2, 2016

We Have Become Dundonian

Outside St. Giles Cathedral?? in Edinburgh
SIM Squad
 Well We were in somewhat of my old stomping grounds... Dundee. I have been in or around Dundee a lot on my mission. It was so good to be back. I love that Area so much because it is really where I figured out how to truly be a disciple of Jesus Christ! Interesting enough many many times in the scriptures it talks about retaining a remembrance of our sins. Remembering is so key. I will finish my email tomorrow. We had a fireside tonight for new members!

Well, sorry about that. To finish my email--Funny story of the week. Elder Harman was teaching a younger lady and was having an amazing lesson. The lady felt the Spirit really strongly, moments later a seagull excreted right on her head. We had to go and get paper towels to help her out. It was funny. 

   We had a lot of success this week in Dundee though. It was a real boost to have so many character building moments come back to my memory. 

Map shows location of Dundee from Edinburgh

  Well we got our assignment for this week!!!!! We are going to Belfast!!!!!!! I'm so excited to spend all week there and to see my Norn Iron Family on Sunday!! 

I love this Gospel. I learned this week that revelation comes through the Holy Spirit without Him we would be lost on matters attaining to salvation. I know that He Lives! A Member of the Godhead we can have constantly in our lives!
Some SIM Squad members wearing "5 GUYS Burgers" hats
(they are 5 GUYS!)

Elder Penman
Elder Penman at the famous St. Andrew's Golf Course
Scotland is the birthplace of golf. 

Drawing the plan of Salvation on the sidewalk

Good way to store extra mattresses for the SIM Squad to sleep on

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