Monday, January 19, 2015

Snow--"Yu'll frostbut yer ankles"

Well to start this e-mail I had something, a very amazing gift given to me from the Lord this week. Today a Nigerian man Elder Andrews and I found with the Lords help, got baptized!!! (This is the man Sugaba from previous posts) This is probably the most joy I have ever felt in my soul in my whole life. I'm so happy for him though!

We think the Elders were writing in the snow
Our week--we got dumped on by a lot of snow! Not compared to back home, but they still end up shutting down buses. We got stuck out in a town called Strabane. But it was nice to be in dry cold weather instead of wet cold weather.
 We finally got our heating fixed and now our boiler broke, so now we don't have heating or hot water. I keep telling myself if Jesus lived homeless, living in a cold house is better than nothing. Our members let us shower at their houses! Which is nice.

We taught a man named Pete and he told his member friend Rachel after the lesson that he knew what we were saying was true because of the warm peaceful feeling he had. I love when the Spirit directs the lessons like that.
making snowmen at the Omagh Branch meeting house

Well that's my week. Pray for missionary opportunities and act on them!!!

I love you all so much!

Elder Penman

Elder Christensen

Elder Penman and Noah.  Best buds. 

the Peace Bridge in Derry.  
The Derry Peace Bridge over the River Foyle bridges a 400 year old physical and political gap between two sides of a once, bitterly divided community [The Troubles in Northern Ireland]. Designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects in London and funded to the tune of £14 million by the European Regional Development Fund for Peace it is a very impressive piece of architecture. With two structural arms heading in opposite directions, symbolizing the unification of both communities from the opposite sides of the Foyle river, the Protestant Waterside and the Nationalist Bogside, these two opposed and independent arms are now united in a structural handshake across the river. Opened in 2011 this 235 metre  long, 4 metre wide curved footpath, track and cycleway stretches from the Guild Hall in the city centre of Derry City to Ebrington Square and St Columb’s Park on the far side of the River Foyle.

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