Monday, May 18, 2015

Dundee Stake Conference/Getting the Flat Ready to Be Sold

Elder Penman and Elder Utley in Edinburgh
Hi-ya I'm loving the short time I have left in Cowdenbeath. This is the longest I've been anywhere! I love the people here so much. I hoping when we get our moves that I just move over into the Dunfermline Elders Flat With Elder Utley. But God knows best where I need to be so what ever happens I will be happy.(:

Dean Village area Edinburgh
   Well this week we taught our new Friend N______. She is a single Mom of a 2 and 4 year old boy. She is AWESOME she is searching for God and wants her boys to grow up with good high standards. Sounds like she is looking in the right place!
    We have been getting the flat cleaned everywhere and have been organizing everything so we can move.. I don't like having to do this. I feel like I could be doing more missionary work.. but it needs to be done.
    Stake conference was so good!! The talks were all on doing the small simple things to help each other. Also the power of positivity... It really changes everyone's attitude if one person is positive! If you have a smile on always the situation turns out better.

I love you all so much.. I know Jesus our Savior Lives for you!! 
Elder Penman

**Elder Penman visited Edinburgh with Elder Utley for a non-emergency medical appointment.

Old Parliament Building, Edinburgh
Old Parliament Building, Edinburgh

Princes Street

Edinburgh Castle

Monument to Sir Walter Scott Edinburgh

Cockburn Street Edinburgh

Elder Boehme and Elder Penman (zone meeting?)

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