Monday, May 4, 2015

Zone Training and Lots of Food!

It's a good thing we know these two like each other....

Elder Penman, Brother Mendez

Filipino Food from Brother Mendez

This was a pretty great week. This Monday we at at Brother Mendez's house. He is Filipino. He fed us soooo much amazing food. My stomach felt like it was going to explode. Then we had another appointment and they fed us as well. I have never felt so full in my life! 
We were able to teach K___ about temples and temple work. He seemed pretty interested on what was going on. We showed him a bunch of pictures of the temple rooms and he said "that's the cleanest room I have ever seen." He wasn't able to catch a bus into church so his date will have to be the 23rd of may. 

We taught J___ (more like she taught herself) And she is doing really well. She Is growing such an amazing relationship with God. I love it!! She was able to be at church for all 3 hours and seemed to have loved it. We were able to mow J___'s lawn as well because her husband just had surgery.

Wilma and Peter Little
D_____ always makes us amazing meals!! and we invited her to read the Book Of Mormon from cover to Cover! I love Being at R__ and D_____'s Home!
Zone Training was GOOD! We focused on prayer and how important it is for salvation!! On our part and our friends learning!! Prayer is how we strengthen our relationship with God. It's just like the only way to get to know someone is by talking to them and them answering back.   I had my last interview with President Brown it was good, but sad! (**Note--President Brown will be finishing his mission as the Scotland Ireland Mission President at the end of June)

Elder Penman
Elder Forbush

Elder Forbush....Levitating?  

Grave Marker- Robert Bruce,
King of Scots (1306-29)

Elder Penman and his favorite hat from home
He asked mom to mail it to him for P-days
It is from our trip to Maui in March 2014.  It has a picture
and name of the reef triggerfish from Hawaii:
Golfing on P-day

Golfing on P-day
Golfing on P-day with Paul and
Joshua Lynch

Daril and Monic Watson and their kids Megan, Kristi, and Kyle.
Brother Watson was recently released as stake president.
Brother Richard Gallant and Elder Penman.  Evidently
Brother Gallant is moving back to Canada soon.  

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