Monday, August 24, 2015

All New and WE ARE Back! 10th transfer 10 companions and 6 areas!‏

Elder Penman and Elder Beckstrand in front of their flat (picture thanks to Sister Margaret Watson)
Their flat is the one on the upper left side behind Elder Penman's head. 
What a week. Packing, unpacking, traveling by boat, train, bus and car. On Wednesday, I will have to Fly by myself to Scotland to go to my follow up surgery appointment. I will get to be with the Glasgow Zone Leaders so it will be good. 

Elder Beckstrand is awesome! Super fun and super excited about everything! He is awesome. Holywood is awesome we cover Belfast city centre. Its awesome. We saw a car that had been burned out by someone. It was crazy! Belfast is AWESOME!

The first day we were here we had to move tons of missionaries to their areas. We were a taxi. We had 2 people sleep over in our tiny flat it was crazy. We have loads of supplies that don't fit. One night we had 17 missionaries in a flat sleeping on the floor it was like an explosion of people! 

Northern Ireland is as crazy as it was when I left. I love it here. I got to see Norma, Brooklyn, Shelly, and Lucy Cathers, also sister Cathcart and Sister Macfarlane. They were taking Elliot Cathcart to be released from his mission. It was so good to see them again. I also saw Courtney Cathers at a Book Of Mormon class. I'm so excited to see members from Omagh again.
The Cathcarts and Cathers welcoming Elliot Cathcart home from a mission in Hungary.
Members from Omagh Northern Ireland (one of Elder Penman's previous areas)
We sorted out our next transfer. We will be on 14 exchanges. That is like 1/3 of the Transfer where I will be with other people, not with my companion. It's going to be weird. We are finding a lot. It's the best... BECAUSE I love finding A LOT. We are finding lots of people but we both have no idea where we are going! It makes the ride more interesting. 

I Love this gospel SOOO MUCH I know it is true and that it is a living gospel lead by God Himself!

Elder Penman!
**on a side note (from Mom), one of Elder Penman's trainers, Elder Christopher deVries returned safely home this week to his family in Alberta Canada.  Here he is with his family at the airport.  Elder Penman will miss seeing him.  Friends for life.

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