Monday, August 31, 2015

The Upward Battle!‏

Elder Penman traveled last week from his previous area of Perth, Scotland to Belfast
in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland, like Scotland, is part of the United Kingdom.
Norn Iron is grand like so it is. We got to travel to Coleraine for exchanges and to Portadown. I love helping missionaries!!
Map shows where Portadown and Coleraine are in relation to Belfast
It's so interesting our purpose is to invite OTHERS to come unto Christ by helping them. That statement doesn't say no members or less actives. It says others. That is anyone real. I love helping the people on the path to conversion to come unto Christ as well as the people who are not so deep into the path as others. That is simply it. I have not baptized anyone on my mission yet... but I have invited and helped missionaries come unto Christ. I have been put in so many amazing situations that I have helped everyone come unto Christ.  

 We are starting to teach a 7 member family that is Romanian. We are teaching a man who when we first taught him he felt the Spirit. We had him read the testimony of Joseph Smith and he felt the Spirit when he read it on his own. He didn't understand authority so we focused on that and he understands priesthood and said he would be baptized. 

I love God so much... He is blessing us so much.

I know God lives and has a body that is divine. I know Christ is a separate being and lived and walked the earth... I know He came for you. I know that the Spirit is separate from both and dwells in holy places and bears a witness of truth. I know these things because the Spirit has testified to my very soul! 

 Elder Penman

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