Monday, December 21, 2015

You Have To Have The Desire

   I only have a few moments. We had an pretty good week. So many spiritual Experiences. 

New Christmas tie from Mom & Dad
   We had an Experience where we felt the spirit move us to go and see one of our teams. We showed up and expounded Alma 31 to them. We gave all of them blessings of comfort and counsel. WOW....! The spirit was so strong. I knew at that moment what Alma had felt as he "clapped his hands" on those, his brethren... the thing that happened was some of those missionaries walked away from that experience and went back to the same old thing. To act in faith we must be willing to move from a lower place to a higher place, then we will truly see the Atonement work with in our lives. Then you will know with a surety that He lives!!! 

Happy Christmas. I challenge all of you to take 15 minutes each day this week to ponder the saviors life then look outside of yourself and ask who can I serve?  When you do this you will feel the spirit of Christmas!! (:

Christmas stocking from Mom with a new Christmas
sock tie, and scrolls of General Authority talks
about the names and attributes of the Savior

Merry Christmas! 

         Elder Penman

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