Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year's! #2

Out for Southern Barbeque on New Year's Day with the other Elders,
at the treat of lovely ladies from the Holywood Road Ward
Joy Peden and Margaret Watson.  Angels on Earth!  
A special visitor to Belfast, buddy Noah
(from Omagh), 
for a quick lunch at Burger King 
 Well the break time is over and it is time to work full speed again. It was a much needed time. I have never looked so forward to relaxing. It is so good to be back and working.

   On New Year's Eve, we had a couple of missionaries getting emergency moved. One missionary coming from Glasgow got lost. We spent our whole day looking for this Elder. Somehow he came through Belfast and ended up 3 hours away, down in Dublin. I was so relieved when they found him.

   We had our Chinese friend H_ at church this week. H_ is so good at playing the piano. After church we lost him and we saw people in the chapel looking at the stage and we heard a piano playing. We walked in and he was playing the piano like a champ. It was a mini concert.  Sadly S________ slept in yesterday so he didn't make it out to church. When we taught S________, he prayed and asked for forgiveness for missing church. It was so funny... But awesome how sincere he was.

   While tracting, when people would go to shut the door. We play this "game" its not really a game. but when ever someone goes to shut the door we take turn bearing our testimony to have the Spirit confound them. It's way fun and works quite often.

  I'm so sad. We have had so many things to do for the mission that I haven't gotten too much time to study. But one thing I'm studying is about how Christ is called the Eternal Father. It has helped me understand what it truly means to be born again. It makes sense why repentance, baptism, and receiving the Holy Ghost go hand in hand.  Moses 6:59-60.

Elders Wilson, Mulville, and Parkinson out for dinner
 (Elder Penman's "Peace" sign doing the photobomb)
Elder Penman

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