Monday, January 18, 2016

The Power and Authority of the Priesthood

Belfast Zone doing another Blitz, and getting a little soggy
From this week one thing I know is the Priesthood is real!

    We had one of our friends come to church. He wasn't able to walk and he really struggled to get up and come to church and come with his daughter. He asked us for a blessing, so we had one of the members he was close with give the blessing. It was so powerful. He was still walking stiff and really hunched. Two hours later he called us and all pain was gone. He could run, jump, he had full motion. It was incredible. The Spirit rested upon me confirming that it was through faith, the Priesthood and the Holy Ghost that it happened. It's great. Because he is going to be baptized this Saturday. But he told us "I know the priesthood is real." I know miracles do not produce faith... but it does confirm what is hoped for and can, if done through faith, ground your belief.
    Our other friend S________ will be baptized Saturday as well. We are hoping that his government confirms that it is ok for him to be baptized. Please pray that all will happen according to the Lord's will.
    This week we had two men meet us at the church and before we were teaching I felt horrible inside and I discerned that these men were there to trick us, contend with us, accuse us,  and make us stumble over our words. I let Elder Mulville know before we saw them, which prepared us for the awful contention which came from them. Comment after comment trying to tear us down and destroy our faith. In the middle of the meeting, I looked at Elder Mulville, he had a smile smile on his face and then we did not contend with them, we bore sweet and some of the strongest testimony we ever heard deep within our souls. It confounded these men. We ended the meeting.
We are so blessed here! The Lord's increase has consecrated everything for gain. I love being here to witness the hastening of the work. I know that angels are around us every day. I know that the Holy Spirit was with us in that very hour we needed it. As we act on our faith, we will have power over those who try to contend with us because we are children of the most high God, our loving Heavenly Father.
Before you pray tonight think about your relationship with Him and I promise when you understand that you are his child, you will pray with all energy of your soul.
Elder Penman

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