Monday, January 25, 2016

It's been a long, long time

Elder Penman, Gary, Johnny, Elder Mulville
Buff Norn Iron Men (2 with beards)
 So Gary got baptized!!! 
I got the best picture ever. It is Gary and a member named Johnny Shearer. They are both in white, but they are both buff Norn Iron men, with beards. Its so good. Baptismal services are so good. 

honestly think it is one of the most spiritual meetings ever. You can feel the ripple of affect that it has into the eternities. It is amazing. I saw him right after the baptism an he said "I feel clean." I will never forget how sweet that was to my ears.   I was so honored to get to confirm him a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is now a sheep in the fold. 

   Sebastian was unable to be baptized. We are going to have to sort things out with his government. So we will work on here. 
   So we had zone interview training and a world wide broadcast for missionaries.  Our Zone meeting went wonderfully. It was a super spiritual climate. We focused on personal conversion. Elder Mulville and I were giving training. Literally the words coming out of our mouths were pure Spirit. It is quite amazing when you feel moved by the Spirit and you speak... not even knowing what it may be. Trusting and speaking. You will speak with power and authority that the counsels in heaven are conducted by, the very words you speak in that moment are the word of God. I had an amazing experience the next night. While speaking to the zone. I felt prompted to promise them something very sacred and speaking I could feel the spirit rest upon me teaching me that it was true. 
   This Saturday we texted everyone (contacts--missionaries' phones stay in their area, even when the missionary moves on) in our phones and we had 2 people walk in to the church because of these texts. We also had a YSA man walk in that was less active as well. It was great. The congregation had over 100 people, which is way more than there was when we first came here. I love watching wards grow!! 

Sorry, today was pretty gumbled. 

I truly know that the Holy Spirit has a personality, and is a personage. God the Father Lives and we are all His children. Jesus the Christ is our Savior and redeemer, and went lower than all of us. I know they all live as 3 individuals in perfect unity, with out one there would be no God. I know that Joseph Smith saw the Father and Son with perfect bodies of flesh and bone. The evidence is the Book of Mormon and the truth can only be learned through the Holy Spirit. 

Elder Penman
Chris Shearer & Elder Penman

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