Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Elder Campbell The Tank.

Things are going great here. We had a great week. Right now we are working away at building our teaching pool. We have called so many people this week. My brain is fried. But we saw so many miracles. 
Elder Penman with Roarie, Besheka, and Balili

Elder Penman with Basheka and Balili
  We saw Roarie and taught him the Law of Chastity... It is probably one of the most awkward moments on my mission to teach a child the law of Chastity.  Roarie is going to be baptized this Sunday by Elder Campbell. We also got to see his younger brother and sister this week, Besheka and Balili. They are the cutest little kids ever. I love it when they pray. Roarie's mother is from South Africa, so she makes some authentic African food. I had a great experience of eating cooked--they called them worms--but they were caterpillars. They weren't that gross, but Elder Campbell almost threw up.    

  We had a great experience! So, Elder Campbell got a call from a woman saying she wanted to meet up.  We contacted this woman on the street a week before and she wasn't interested, so Elder Campbell gave her our number. We met her in a cafe and as we were teaching, a Chinese woman kept staring at me, so I waved at her and she got all excited and asked us if she could learn about God. So we taught her and both of them felt the Holy Spirit very strongly.  It was amazing!!

Elder Yip
Elder Yip, Elder Penman
 I went on a exchanges with a missionary that was in the MTC with me, Elder Yip and his companion Elder Chan. I guess all night long, I was talking in my sleep and acting like I was on the phone trying to schedule appointments. The other day another missionary was telling me I was teaching the First Discussion in my sleep as well. 

    This week I have been studying on the connection between Priesthood and The Holy Spirit. Both are everlasting, both give authority, both when acted on, lead us to serve others, the list goes on and on. I also found that neither are useful if there is no faith involved. If we are willing to act and exercise both of these amazing gifts, we will have power with us. 

 I know the Priesthood of God is real. I know that the Atonement  is real. I know these things because I have used them and because the Holy Ghost has witnessed it to me.

Elder Penman

Oh No!  Did Elder Penman rip another pair of pants?
(Bonneville Tapestry friends will remember the infamous
ripped pants) 

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