Monday, February 22, 2016

The Love of God

Elder Penman, Roirie, Elder Campbell
Another amazing week has come and gone. We had so many early mornings and late nights picking up missionaries and driving them all over Ireland. It was quite exhausting   
  We saw our good friend Roirie get baptized and see the affect it had on his family. It's wonderful the power that the spirit at baptism has on those attending. Roirie's family invited all of their friends. So the chapel was full of many South African families. The Lord is so good. 
Elders Penman and Campbell with Roirie's family
   We are having some of our friends struggling with committing and coming to church. Which has lead my thoughts and studies to The Love Of God. Not only the love He has for us as His little ones, but our love for Him. We had a man who is struggling so bad with the Law of Chastity and it is hurting him, but he enjoys it too much to give it up. Elder Campbell and I were discussing a lot of the reasons why this happens to people. We came up with the idea, about when someone is "in love." Literally, someone who feels like they are "in love" will do anything rational and even irrational to show this love. But as this happens that person changes and would do anything for the person they love. I believe that a lot of the time we are lacking in our motivation and lacking in diligence to being obedient to the commandments of God, it is because we do not understand where we stand with God. That Love is cultured just like a relationship on earth, by spending time with Him and talking to Him, (and all of the Primary answers). 
   You should all focus and ponder on where you stand with God and get on your knees and ask, "What can I do to Improve my relationship with thee?"  I promise you can get an answer, because I know that God loves every one of you.  

Sorry we are super busy. It's been a short bad email. 

Elder Penman

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