Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bearing Pains and Afflictions

Well, this week was pretty slow at first. We were teaching people and finding a lot. I am finally getting to that point where it feels natural to live by the Holy Ghost and to be a missionary. I love it out here. I feel true happiness and joy from helping everyone. I am so glad I learned how to love everyone when I was young. It is truly easier to get along with companions and to get along with investigators.

Well, my new companion is Elder DeVries along with Elder Andrews (Elder Benesch was transferred to Ireland). Elder DeVries looks like Hawk Eye from the Avengers movie, it’s awesome. He plays a banjo and is good at a lot of instruments. He is from the great white country of Canada. So it’s funny when people say, “oh, Mormons are from the states” and he says, “no, I’m from Canada.” I love the shock they have after that.

The end of last week and the beginning of this week have been the craziest couple of days of my life. I have talked a lady out of suicide long enough for my companion to call the police and for them to get to her house. It took over 2 hours. That’s something I did not expect to have to do. That takes a lot of emotional stress to be calm under situations like that. I know I couldn't have done that without Jesus’ and God’s help. I probably would have had a mental break down, but I didn't feel any stress until after. Then I was exhausted and ready for bed. Then the day after, my companion hurt his ankle and like 30 minutes after that, this lady on a park bench had a seizure and was falling off the park bench. Someone called for an ambulance while we put her on the park bench and held her head. All this stuff is crazy. I never imagined helping to save 3 people.  Then we finished the night off by waiting in a hospital to see if Elder DeVries' ankle was ok. It was only really badly pulled muscles, so I massaged his quad and calf to help and he was able to walk the next day. It was funny Elder DeVries told me I was the devil for giving a massage but an angel for helping. But I am lucky to have been there to help. I am glad to have gained knowledge of how to be calm in certain situations. Also to use the skills I have learned from doing cross country.

In Alma 7: 11 it says He will come forth bearing pains and afflictions and temptations. Not just pains and afflictions, temptations also. So just like this lady who felt she need to die and kill herself. He felt that and can help you through times when you feel tempted to something you know is wrong. He will help you if you ask.

Art: Healing of Blind Man by Brian Jekel

Well, I love all of you. I am so glad for the friends and family I have supporting me. I know you guys are one of the reasons I am able to be out here and keep working hard.

Love, Elder Penman

PS Help everyone around you, you will feel better and so will everyone you help.

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