Monday, October 20, 2014

Blessings, Finding, and Service

This week was pretty good. We super deep cleaned our flat because we have flat inspections soon. That was about it—sounds pretty fun huh?!

Tuesday, I had to lead out the zone leaders area because they were blitzing some elders' area. It was a really fun day.  We found, we taught a less active, and watched conference. It was awesome. We GQed for a long time and found a less active and handed out some pamphlets. 

I got a call from a less active we found that her appendix burst so she asked for a blessing so we went to the hospital.  We couldn’t find her, but we ran into a member’s family. They said their mom was in the hospital and was praying for a blessing so we gave her one and the words I said were not anything I would have ever said. She was so happy we came. We finally found the less active and gave her a blessing too…I expected to say the same thing [from the other blessing] I said before but everything I said was different. But again, it was the words God wanted her to hear and it was crazy the feeling I had while giving both blessings. The Spirit was so strong it felt like I was swimming in it. It was the most amazing feeling. Live worthy to bless those who are in need. I couldn’t have done it if I wasn’t being obedient, luckily I was!!

Well we got to rip a shed down that was full of spiders and was full of snails.  It was fun. Very similar to what I did on the roofs [last summer before I left]. We also cut some trees down and dug out a path in a member’s backyard. All of this was so fun! We also found this old cemetery that was hidden in an old church. It was really cool!

Well, have a wonderful week.

Elder Penman

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