Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Very Fast Week Has Come and Gone

Omagh to Derry/Londonderry
To start of this week Elder Smiler and I headed to Derry Londonderry for our district meeting, and guess who was there? One of my trainers, Elder Benesch! It was really nice to see him again. We got a training on how we can make our prayers more meaningful and how we can receive more guidance on listening to Heavenly Father. I have been doing this all week and I feel my relationship with God is a lot stronger, and a lot more meaningful. It has really helped me out a lot!! 

Omagh to Belfast
My mission put together 2 choirs-- one in Scotland and one in Ireland. Me and my companion are in the Ireland one. We had to travel to Belfast and spend the night in this area where, on every street post, there is a Catholic flag or a Protestant flag, and graffiti for both too.  It was cool to see. We also got to see where the Titanic was built. The braces were huge that held it up (during construction)!!! It was cool to see where the "unsinkable" ship was built. 

Belfast to Dublin

The next morning, we traveled down to Dublin in the Republic of Ireland and met up to practice. You will never guess who I ran into. I saw Bryson Longman or Elder Longman there! That was pretty cool! (Note from Mom--Elder Bryson Longman attended Bonneville High School, where Elder Penman went to High School and his family lives in our Stake) It was weird to see someone who has known me most of my life.  Instantly, I felt like I was at a young men's activity. But the choir was fun to sing in. We will perform all over Ireland and Northern Ireland in 1 1/2 weeks.  I'm excited! We traveled back to Omagh that night and didn't get in till 11pm.  I was so tired! 
Elder Penman and Elder Longman

One of the days, we had to ride our bikes 24 miles out to find this lady, but we got 15 miles out there and we had to go back or else we would have been late for a dinner appointment. We pretty much got our exercise and we were able to see beautiful countrysides!  It felt so good to bike that far though. I loved it. Besides the part were my bike chain broke. 
View in the countryside in Omagh area

Sunday was again wonderful. Tom our "main man" fed us a good old-fashioned Sunday dinner, but then we went back to the flat because Elder Smiler is ill. We have been in the flat for 3 days and I'm starting to get sick too. I hope it doesn't come! 

Well that's my week done. I hope all of you are having a wonderful time. I love all of you.

Elder Penman

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