Monday, November 10, 2014

Of Water and Rivers and Valleys

Sending Elder Dameon Andrews off to head home from his 2 year mission.  He returned to Star Valley WY this week.  (Elder Penman, Elder Andrews, Elder de Vries)
Off to Northern Ireland, Elder de Vries dropped Elder Penman off at the ferry.
Well this week flew by and I have been in 2 different countries. It took 9 hours of travel but I made it safe and sound. So far in Omagh not much has happened but people are very against talking about religion. It’s sad but if they are scared of it from the crazy stuff that has happened in the past over wars here.

Unknown Elder, crossing the Irish Sea

View of coast from ferry in the Irish Sea

Unknown Elders on the trip across the Irish Sea

On Northern Ireland soil

The country is so pretty I love the views here. The branch is small but the people are nice. Tom is a member that loves us and gives us cuppas a cup of hot cocoa. It’s so good. We have a gym membership. We are going to lift early in the morning. I’m going to get buff. Elder Smiler has some insane workouts. I’ve done some with him. My arms are still sore from them. It’s awesome.
There were some protesters in front of this building yelling it was cool. On the 8th they had drums marching up the street. It was way loud. I  couldn’t study very well. It was still pretty cool. We have a nice flat. It’s really really fancy and has alarms just in case protesters get wild. No not really, but it’s a beautiful little town.

Outside the new flat (interior pictures on another post)

In my studies this week I was reading in Nephi 11 and I read up on when Nephi sees the tree. In verse 25, Nephi talks about the tree of life and how it represents living water and love of God which is Jesus.
Nephi's Vision of the Tree of Life from 1 Nephi 11 
Also It reminded me of when I was reading back in Nephi 2: 6. When Nephi talks about where his father stopped to pitch their camp. If you notice in there, after the comma, Nephi says "he pitched his tent in a valley by the side of a river OF WATER."   It always stood out to me a river of water. He said a river of water but he didn’t say a valley of sand or a valley of trees or even anything. Why would he explain the water part? I pondered on this for many days and after I read in chapter 11:25 living water is Jesus Christ. I know the reason Nephi put the word water in there to represent the accessibility Lehi had to the water. I thought on how this applies to me.
When you are doing things ask yourself this, is Jesus Christ accessible when you are going to that party? Is Jesus Christ accessible when you are watching that movie, or when you are on the computer etc. If you establish yourself by Jesus Christ you will not get yourself into bad situations, you will be the person that God wants you to be. I wish i would have understood this more fully when i was younger. I would have done a lot of things differently. That’s another thing that Nephi 2:6 talks about.
They valley is significant for another reason. If the running river full of water is Christ. That simple river created that whole valley. It was firm ground and seemed to be virtually unchangeable. If you let Christ flow through you just like the valley let the river flow through it, you will have the dirt that you do not want any more washed from you. You will become a beautiful "valley" if you only let the atonement work in your life every day, day after day for your whole life.      
Well I don’t have too much to share but I love all of you. Ask any question if you have any.
Remember to ask yourself, Am I established in Christ? If the answer is no, find Him in a better situation.  

Love,  Elder Penman

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