Monday, November 10, 2014

Extra Photos Paisley and Omagh

Extra photos from the last P-day in Paisley at Howwood Village Scotland in County Renfrewshire, the Castle Semple

Elder Penman with Paisley Tiger Rug.  Looks like all the missionaries who have been in that apartment sign it.

He always did like dressing up for Halloween

Elder deVries--Doner meat?

Burrowes family--Paisley

And then on to Omagh Northern Ireland.  Interior pictures of the new swag flat!

The workout board--Omagh

Omagh new companion Elder Smiler (from New Zealand) photobombing Elder Penman

One establishment in Omagh

River Strule?  Omagh

Elder Smiler found a slang term on a shop.  In New Zealand, where he is from, Bogan has been defined by word has long been part of the New Zealand and Australian vocabulary and recognised as slang for someone who is working class, listens to heavy metal music, wears jeans and black t-shirts, and could often be spotted with a beer in hand, while enjoying a barbeque with mates.
Burger Hut


Omagh Branch building with Elder Smiler

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