Monday, June 8, 2015

Elder Holland, Singing, and Studies

Elder Zander, Elder Penman
Well this week we had a wonderful visit from Elder Jeffery R Holland (of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). One of God's living prophets on the earth! It was so cool. He had every one shake his hand at the beginning of the meeting before anything else had happened. I was the first one... It was so awesome he is a super funny man! I went to give him a hug and he rejected me so hard. He told me I couldn't because then everyone would have to do it. We then went to go sit down after everyone had shaken his hand and he said, "wait, I think I owe you a hug." So yes I got a hug from The Jeffery R Holland. It was so funny though.
We then got to sing "Arise O God and Shine" in a quartet. It sounded so good considering all four of us were scattered all over Scotland and only had one day to sing together. It was really good
At rehearsal with Elder deVries, one of his missionary
trainers, now an assistant to the President
though. After that Holland said that when he shook our hands and looked into our eyes he had a one on one personal 
interview and said that our mission was a very obedient mission and said be glad you aren't disobedient  or else you would be bouncing around the room and things would get ugly. You would have to crawl out of there. 

When Elder Holland went to leave he forgot to get his scriptures so I handed them to him.... You should have seen how intensely they were marked. They were so studied! I realized then that Elder Holland was just a normal man who had dedicated his life to diligent study. Those scriptures I held were the scriptures that he had written tons of General Conference talks from, he had come to know the Savior in a perfect knowledge from them. 

But yet I have the exact same version he has on me right now... How much do we take for granted what we have... We have the iron rod in our homes and we neglect them. If you are or have had or will have hard trials you need  to look to the example of the disciples in Lehi's Dream. Hold to the Rod The Iron Rod and push forward.  

Stuck in a traffic jam

This week Elder Zander and I got stuck in a traffic jam for 2 hours. We ended up having to drive 17 Miles the wrong way on the Motorway! It was Great!

Patience.  Elder Penman's greatest virtue ;) 

The emergency helicopter
landing around the bend

On Sunday, Elder Holland gave another talk on the Book Of Mormon and it was amazing.. He said that the way he came to receive revelation and came to know who Christ was, was from the Book of Mormon and diligent study! Don't neglect the scriptures!  

I have had a good study on the Atonement. I have learned that Jesus didn't just pay for our sins alone. He paid the way for our sins with His mercy and grace. There is nothing I can do to receive Eternal Life in my own way. Its all in Christ's way. We truly just need to be Christ's best friend. Now think of a best friend, would you consider a your best friend someone to go against the rules you have and to disrespect your possessions? I wouldn't. That is why it is so important TO LIVE THE way that He has asked us to. If it weren't for Jesus, we wouldn't be able to be here, He owns everything. The whole Plan of Salvation would fall and crumble. But Christ's endless, unimaginable love for us all will let us in to the highest degree of glory and to live with God again and He will offer it to all of us. There will be some who do not accept it because they do not feel comfortable. Have you ever been around someone you don't get along with? You don't want to be there! Some will feel that way. But I know God Loves ALL if us! I love the Savior so much! 

Reporting from The Bottom of Scotland

Elder Penman

Elders Penman & Zander, Brother Gaskell (owner of the farm)

Statue of Robert the Bruce in the centre of Lochmaben
in Annandale Dumfries and Galloway Scotland

The McKenzie Family and a friend, E. Penman, Bro and Sis James

Elder Zander

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  1. hi Elder Penman. You don't know me, but I'm a friend of your mom's from the Choir.
    I love your photos and your words. Thanks so much for what you said about the B of M. It's a great book - the rock of the Church, as testimony of our Saviour, and the Atonement. I think we in the Church are slowly coming to grasp what grace means, and how it works with the great Atonement of our beloved Jesus Christ.
    Thank you for going on a mission. I know your family is so proud of you and the Lord loves you. Press on!
    Sincerely, Sister Lynn Farrar