Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Oh, What a Week!

Elder Bayless (ZL) and Elder Penman
This was the last full week with President and Sister Brown.. I will probably see them again because they live in Dundee stake! 

For P-Day Elder Zander and I did something the locals call sapling climbing. you climb up a little baby tree and it then you stick out your legs and it lowers you to the ground slowly! Its pretty fun! 

I got to go on exchanges with the Zone leaders, one of my way good friends, who I served around in Northern Ireland, Elder Bayles. He is From Green River Wyoming.. So he always makes jokes about Laramie and Rawlins that only him and I get. We had so much fun! We street contacted in a downpour but met a super solid lady who lives toward Edinburgh! We saw the English Border, drove over some super bumpy dirt roads over hills and through farmers' fields! It's crazy! Only In Dumfries!

We got to teach E___, but J____ wasn't in. We had a good discussion on who God is and on prayer, how it is a direct conversation with our Father. It was so good.

We also had 3 dinner appointments! Sister Crighton gave me a stylish Aran weave cardigan jumper! It's great! The next morning we went for an * mile run. 50 minutes. It was so good we were going to do a half marathon but we slept through the early alarm! 

We had a cottage evening with a couple of families from the ward. It was so fun we played games and had a spiritual thought at the end. I loved it because we hosted it but also we got to know members better! 
Painting by Liz Lemon Swindle
In my Atonement study From the Book of Mormon I have gotten stuck in the awe inspiring verses in 2 Nephi 9. I absolutely know with out Jesus our Savior we would have no joy. We would be stuck in a endless gall of bitterness. All of us would. End of story. I have come to the knowledge of the realness of the Savior's honoring performance of the Atonement in Gethsemane and also when He broke the bands of death for forever. At that very moment He raised Himself from the dead He did work for the dead that we can only imitate a little by doing the ordinances for those beyond the veil. I Know that that the Savior lives. I have received a sure answer from the Holy Ghost that He lives and that His atonement is infinite and we can all use it now and forever to become as He is!

Elder Penman

Elder Sorenson (MTC Comp), Elder Penman
Elder Penman, Elder Campbell

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