Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Looking through the Savior's Eyes

What? Is it even possible for it to get hot in Scotland??
   So last week Elder Zander and I went to chase some sheep around and we found a huge hole in the ground that opened up to a bunch of cellar rooms under ground. It was pretty awesome! 
   All week long it was like 30-32°C (85-90°F)  it was burning up. But it made for a good week. We did tons of service for people, chopping wood, burning stuff, planting trees, moving stuff, and more. It is so fun to work out side and help strengthen our relationship with the ward. 
   We were able to start teaching 3 new people this week. We are teaching J____ and E___, neighbors of Brother Hann, our ward mission leader. We also started teaching a young man named K_____, a girl in young women's told us to try by him and he seemed pretty interested. Then the next night we were driving back to our flat and he asked us to come over. So we taught him prayer and how he can find answers for himself with all his questions in the Book Of Mormon. He is a solid kid!  
Healing of a Blind Man by Brian Jekel
    I spoke in sacrament this Sunday about unity in the ward. I talked about looking through the Savior's eyes that I learned from the Dundee stake conference. I held up a 20 pound note and asked who wanted it. People raised their hands. I crumpled it up and asked again, still people raised their hands. I smashed it into the ground with my foot and asked again who wants it. Still people raised their hands. I said, "You are now looking through the Savior's eyes at all of us." I went on to talk about how we could see others the same way with the same worth and how we need to be unified to help the Savior's work push forward. 
The Good Samaritan by Ferdinand Hodler
It's like the parable of the Good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan is Christ. People who don't understand the gospel, or haven't used the atonement  are the wounded Jew. The innkeeper is us as a ward. Christ would never bring a wounded soul into a bad inn. So how do we see people with the same worth even after they make mistakes? First we must stop all bad thoughts or feelings towards them. The spirit cannot dwell in unholy places! Second we must forgive others of everything because it is not our place to do that sort of thing. Third we must serve one another even if you do not like each other. Replacing bad thoughts or actions with service will give us the pure love of Christ towards them! We need to do all of these things because God Is Our Father In Heaven and we are his spirit Sons and Daughters. If we are righteous we will be sealed to all those who have been worthy to make it to celestial glory. Just like we are sealed to our parents and siblings or children. Who wants to be sealed to someone with awful feelings or even negative feelings towards one another. Not me!! That's why I will try my best to love and see every one As HE does! 

Thread of Faith by Howard Lyon
I love The Gospel!
Elder Penman

"Love one another as Jesus loves you. try to show kindness in all that you do"-- So that others who are weak in faith can have the strength to fight!

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