Monday, July 20, 2015

Training in the Training

Well, this week I got to give some training in the Zone meeting we had... YAY! It was so fun.. 

Ok it was alright. 

We also learned a very cool principle we call the Spirit Principle. Where people who have not had a witness from the spirit that our message is true. First remove all distractions then invite the spirit in with the prayer. We teach them about who the Holy Ghost is. He is a member of the God head he doesn't have a body like Jesus or our Heavenly Father. We teach them about the nature and how the fruits of the spirit are peace, love, joy, peace,and comfort. You tell them that the spirit is very unique... Like for me it is a calm feeling that floods my body some people get excited. You tell them to diligently seek the spirit as we teach and tell them that they will have the spirit and receive a witness it is true. While we teach them we ask them how they feel and use our anointed eyes to know when they are feeling the spirit and to explain what they are feeling. It really works. 

I know as I have applied these same principles to my self while I study... I understand the truth I receive the spirit while I study! 

It will work for all of you... If you have never received a witness. If you apply the poorly instructed directions above you will receive a witness that it is true! just like Nephi in 1 Nephi 10:19

diligently seek it and the mysteries of God will be revealed.

I love all of you and If you don't understand the spirit principle just ask because like I said Short Time=A Bad Explanation. But if you get any cool experiences let me Know!(:

Elder Penman

P.S. I guess according to other missionaries in my group I only have 356 days left... Ewwww

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