Monday, July 27, 2015

I'm alive!!

 It's been one of those weeks were you pray to be humbled and receive humility and you get it! 

We had our first District meeting. It was pretty good we are focusing on becoming sanctified so as a Family(District) we are applying Christ like attributes to help remove and replace our sins! I love being humbled by our Father though... It is no fun but know that I'm growing and who I am is becoming deeper and deeper... but it's so interesting because the less I think of myself the deeper it gets! It's so amazing that Through Grace we can all freely change, we just need to let it happen and want it to. 
Elder Penman before his surgery this week.  He
had a minor outpatient surgery and is doing well now.
We love the nametag with the hospital gown.
Thanks for all your prayers on his behalf.

I got to go visit the Davis Family in Paisley before my surgery. It was awesome!! I miss the Paisley accent a lot! My surgery went well.. It was super weird to be alone in a hospital room with a women nurse... I was loopy and I was mentally freaking out. I never thought that I would ever in a million years think like that. It was weird to take it easy for the first 2 days back I felt like a waster or a lazy missionary. Hopefully I don't get fat with not being able to work out every morning... Oh well. 

Our friend A_____ is progressing and has read through 1st Nephi. She is doing awesome!! She has a date set for September 5th... Hopefully I don't move before then!

Have a good week 

Elder Penman  
Elder Penman and Elder Lattin in the hospital.  

A meal out with Elder Lattin, Elder Penman, Elder Wells.
 (Elder Perkes is taking the picture)

The Omagh (Nor'n Ireland) Branch Young Women sent E. Penman
a care package.  He loved it!  Thanks everyone! 

The M & M (Marvelous Missionary) package from Omagh YW


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