Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference in its finest.

Picture of Elder Penman standing in the "A" of Titanic.
This must be from a visit to the museum in Belfast a few weeks ago.
(Maybe it's "A" for Andrew!)

The Elders' Meriva
Wow!!!!!!! I love Conference! It was a good close to a good week.

Meriva, full to the brim with missionaries!!  2 Elders in the front,
3 Sisters (Buttars,Wilkinson, and McBride) and their luggage in the back

The Meriva on the inside--Full car from the top
Sisters Buttars,Wilkinson, and McBride in the back?
This week we moved a lot of missionaries around who were coming from Scotland through Belfast and down to The Republic,

Also those going from The Republic of Ireland to Scotland.

So many things went wrong.

We ended up in our little Meriva full top the top with missionaries baggage.

It was crazy!

We missed out on teaching some of our lessons because of it. It was a character building moment.... The Lord has a soldier to make of me yet, right?


We got to teach our minister friend! He is reading the Book Of Mormon through 2 Nephi and on to Jacob. Now he just needs to remember all the Lord has done for us and pray with real intent to ask if it is true.

We are teaching a man who is on holiday in Florida. When we taught him he was having a hard time connecting with us and understanding the Apostasy. The member that was with us bore his sweet, sweet testimony on how he had never felt spiritually fed like he does in the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints anywhere else.... And wow that really struck home to this man. His countenance changed and the member proceeded to say that it was because of the authority given to the Lord's servants on the earth.

That is why I love teaching with members. You all can help change the mood of a lesson with a few simple words! I couldn't have related it like he did! You all should go out and teach with the missionaries. We are promised that when we share the gospel, our sins are forgiven through the Atonement of the Savior!

I am grateful for all the wonderful women in my life and I, like Elder Rasband, have found the true love for my Savior on the knees of my Mother and Father. I never realized the foundation that was built in my childhood. I was blinded by my ignorance, but when I opened my heart and humbled myself before God, all the things I was taught came to my remembrance. My foundation is on Christ, but it was put there by my 2 favorite people in the whole world! My Super Heroes...My mother and my Dad! (:

  I loved General Conference! I loved the shout outs that were made on how amazing women are. President Nelson talked about how when women give all they have, that the Lord will consecrate your efforts to impact us all in a deeper way than is imaginable! Women's faith is something I just don't get. You have the most amazing power in your testimony and when you pray, you call down the very powers of heaven. I loved how they compared the LOVE OF A MOTHER TO THE SAVIOR'S LOVE. I was shown by the spirit and felt through the spirit the pure charity a mother has!
All of you women should know that the future generation will be impacted more by you than anyone else. When I am surrounded by faith filled women, I become the best me I can be! That is why Satan has such a big attack on your self worth.  Do not let him Win! (:

I love you all so much.
Elder Penman

Elders Stanley,?, Blosil, Penman, Mickelsen, Parkinson

With Elder Stanley above the Titanic Slipway

Titanic Museum

"A" for Andrew.  "A" for Awesome

Elder Beckstrand, ?, ?, an arm, Elder Penman

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