Monday, October 26, 2015

Surprise! ... Surprise!

The October Belfast Blitz and the Pizza Boxes to prove the "225"
It was a good week!!!!(:

From Rachel Goodfield-Tucker
(from Omagh):
"After a tough few weeks,
Noah had a surprise visitor
knock our door....
I think these photos speak for
These 2 have a special friendship."
Elder Penman was able to give
Noah a special priesthood blessing
to help him with his difficulties. 
  We blitzed Omagh again. This time I got to see Maggy Cathcart, Iris Macfarland, and Brother and Sister Foster. It was good fun, as they say it here, "good crack, so it is." We tried by some of the people that I taught when I was there. Some of them remembered me, but some didn't. IT WAS so good to be there again though. I didn't realise how much work we did there until I was walking the streets and seeing all the streets we tracted! 
From Sister Maggie Cathcart: Karen, Wanted to let you know Elder Penman is in Omagh today. He is doing fab....He and Elder Giles met up with my sister Iris and I at 5 pm this afternoon (3 hours ago ) and we cleaned the church. He was asking about Elliot and his mission and he told me he has never once been homesick. He is working very hard as zone leader and loving Scotland/Ireland and especially Northern Ireland. Don't be worrying.....Maggie

  We went on another blitz in Derry/Londonderry. That was fun. I have never been flipped off and yelled at so much in one day. You would be surprised with the colourful vocabulary they used. I always just laugh it off. One of these times, I was with Elder Grant. He is related to a Brother Mcdonald in Dunfermline. He actually looks pretty much like a ginger version of him!

October Belfast Blitz
The White Board and the "line"

More of the "line" in Belfast

We had the Belfast blitz! We had all the missionaries in Northern Ireland, again, up in Belfast to do missionary work. We set a goal to hit 220 people found. We got 225!! The bad part is now Elder Beckstrand and I have to sort out where all these people go and who will call them...It's a good problem to have. It was a full day of finding. At one point we had a huge line at a whiteboard for people waiting to get to right down what makes them happy! It was sweet.   We finished it by having tons of pizza! 

Elder Beckstrand, J___,
Elder Penman
 Well we got a baptism this week. J____ got baptised!! It was sweet. He had been 2 weeks clean from smoking and so we moved his date up, off of our Bishop's and Mission President's counsel. It was so amazing to witness. The water heater was not working so it was freezing cold water.  He had to get baptized 3 times. The first time his elbow was up, the second time the prayer was wrong, the third time his elbow was still up but the member baptizing him pushed him way under! It was great  We were so looking forward to the confirmation, but we got a call. J___'s brother had came over that night and started pulling out cigarettes and alcohol and J____ slipped. I have never seen so much disappointment on someone's face. He asked "what have I done?" like his life was over. We told him it was a mistake and we will have to move the confirmation. He will get there!   
J___with the Elders and the member
who baptised him

I invite all of you who are feeling inadequate to study D&C section 1.
Elder Penman

With Elder Tolk

World War I memorial commemorating the "Ulster Volunteer Force"
Kilcooley, a neighborhood of Bangor, County DownThe Battle of the Somme, fought in the summer and autumn of 1916,
was one of the largest battles of the First World War. 

Elders Penman and Tolk found
a street break dancer

A Bug!! An ORANGE Bug!

The Elders helped to push this family's stalled car out of traffic

Elder Grant?

Let them Eat Cake....or something. 

Inside the apartment

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