Monday, November 9, 2015

Moves Call #11 I think

Elders Ward, Forbush, and Penman at Ulster Hall for Stake Conference
Well We got moves call. Elder Beckstrand is going to be leaving Belfast and going to train in Kirkaldy! He is so lucky he gets to train. I will be getting a new companion named Elder Mulville, he is from California! I'm so excited to serve with him. He trained in the same group as when I picked up Elder Forbush. You'll never guess. Elder Perkes is coming into Belfast!!! I'm so excited. But my other son Elder Forbush is off to the Shetland Isles! 
E Beckstrand teaching at MLC
Trying to get the group together at MLC

Elder Beckstrand has been using Elder Penman's camera for selfies
This week we taught a lot! We taught the Romanian family. K____ and A____ came to our stake conference at the Ulster Hall! It was awesome. We are teaching a Czech Couple named A____ and A____. We Skyped with Elder Novotney and he helped explain things in Czech. We are teaching a new friend named J_______. We also had the born again minister at Bishop Moffet's house, he is kicking pretty hard... we may have to stop teaching him. We are teaching someone who was in the UDA during the Troubles and it took him for ever to get out, he got out this past week. That's basically like teaching someone in the Italian Mafia! It was crazy... He has so many crazy stories!!  We are teaching so much it's unbelievable!!! I Love it here in Belfast.

   Today we sent a bunch of missionaries going home accross on the ferry. It so weird. Elder Wells is in this group and when I came out he was only at 7 months on his mission... Now he is going home in 1 1/2 days. The time has gone by quicker then I can even comprehend. Elder Lorimer always would say, Kolob standard time! It is the best even the hardest times breeze by! I love being a missionary soooooooo much! Sorry for the short email. we are planning how people are going to move through the mission.

The Holywood Road Four--Beckstrand, Parkinson, Stanley, Penman
The Flat must have gotten egged.  
More evidence of the egging.  
Elder Penman

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