Monday, November 16, 2015

Teaching, Teaching, and Blessings

Saying goodbye to Elders Beckstrand and Stanley on Moves Day
Elders Parkinson, Beckstrand, Stanley, Penman
Elder Beckstrand is going to Kirkcaldy Scotland to train a new missionary

 This week I had to move all the missionaries in my zone around and Elder Beckstrand left before it got crazy. So it was only me answering all their calls and making sure they knew exactly what was up. It was exciting.

Elder Penman & Elder Mulville--new companions!  
    Elder Mulville is so chill. He is literally a Surfer Dude. We work so hard together and waste no time I love it. He does missionary work just like me. We get a long great. He is only a convert for 2 years. It is pretty amazing to be with a convert. His testimony is very unique.

    We taught a deaf household of people. It's a member's son and all of his friends. They are the humblest people on the face of the earth! One of them knew ASL so I could sign and understand just a little of what he was saying. We also had a member who translated what we taught to them. We got to watch him sign the prayer and one of the other people interpreted it. I have never felt the Spirit so strong from an investigators prayer. It was so meek, so humble, and so moving. He spoke of Elder Mulville and I to God so appreciative and so highly. We Taught The Romanian family English and Skyped with the Romanian missionaries. K___ is looking forward to being baptized! We taught an Asian man named Y__. He was on his bike with headphones on the street and stopped because he felt like he needed to and looked to see me waving at him. We taught the Restoration and he felt the Spirit and wants to be baptized on December 12th. I don't think I have ever taught so much on my mission.  Its so fun though.

   On Sunday a man from Iran walked into the church building. He used to live in Iran and he ran away because he found out that the Book of Mormon was true. He had police and government people after him, to kill him so he ran away in the back of a lorry to get away from the people trying to kill him. So on Sunday he walked 2 hours across Belfast to make it to the church building. He told us he was living in a hostel but was sick of it because all the drinks they had were Coffee and Tea... And he felt bad breaking the word of wisdom.

   I testify that the Lords work is hastening. I know that He has prepared his Children to be gathered into the barns of the last harvest. His work will move forward whether we are a part of it or not. So let us join our wonderful Father in Heaven's work. In Jacob 5, the Lord teaches us about how it is his work and not ours, we need to align our will with his.

Jacob 5 teaches the Allegory of the Olive Tree
Artwork by Miriam Escofet
  I invite all of you to study Jacob 5 with the question "What is my role in the work of the Lord?"  I promise you that you will have the spirit rest upon you and teach you exactly what you need to know..... If you have a sincerity to act.
  I invite all of you to study

Elder Penman
Elders Parkinson and Stanley
Elder Parkinson
"GQ all day, every day here"
Elder Mulville


  1. Just met Elder Stanley in Dublin, outside at the bus stop at the Square, Tallaght, (I was the bloke who does security). Sound chap! Had a good conversation with him, not everyday you get a complete stranger asking you how your day was! So thought I'd do a quick google search and recognized him from the picture on this blog.

    Give him a shout out for me, all the best, and welcome to Ireland!

    1. Thanks so much Mr. Plowman for your message. This is Elder Penman's mom replying. I've passed your message on to Elder Stanley's mum. She will be thrilled to know of your conversation.
      From the "mum" of a Mormon missionary, I'd like to thank you for being so kind to our boys. My son loves being in Ireland, it's been his favorite place to serve because the people are so kind. It's hard to have them so far away from home, (I believe Elder Stanley is from England and our son is from Utah, USA) but they believe firmly in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and are sacrificing 2 years of their young lives to share the 'good news' with others.
      God bless you. :)