Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter

Well It was a great week, but really strange and fast! 

  Elder Møller and I gave Instruction at the Zone Conference this week on using scriptures while teaching. It was great. We have practiced expounding, give scriptures background, and helping people look for certain things as they either read or as they follow along. It has helped our teaching a lot to relearn and focus on these basics. 
 It was awesome to be back in Belfast, I got to stay in my old flat.. I wish it would have been on other conditions than being in a hospital. It was so fun to get to go to Queens University and Drive around Belfast. I got to see some of the members it was great! I love that CITY!

Elders and Sisters from Clonsilla Ward at Easter dinner at the Sharpes' home
  We had 8 missionaries staying on our flat this weekend with all the Easter celebrations and shenanigans going on in Dublin it was pretty fun... but it will be good for them to be gone and have my own flat back.
Elder Møller, Ola Lowal, Elder Penman
Ola and Elder Møller
Elder Penman and Ola
 We were blessed to see anther Baptism! Our good friend Ola Lowal went through a two part process, by men holding the Priesthood authority of God, called baptism. Baptism by water and Baptism of the Spirit. Through baptism by water, the 1st part He chose to make a two way promise with our Father in heaven, that he would take upon him the name of Christ,  remember Christ always, and keep the His commandments. The Lord has promised Ola that When he is given the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands, the 2nd part completing the baptism, Baptism of the Spirit. When he does these things which he has promised, he will always have the Holy Spirit to be with him. This is the AMAZING Covenant we are able to make. This covenant will help him on his path to becoming children of Christ. This is the only way we can truly be "Born again". From now on Every time Ola attends church, He can relive this process every Sunday, it can have the same effect on him as the day he was baptized. I know all of you who have been able to go through this two part process, through men who have been given the priesthood authority, can relive that day every Sunday by putting in the same effort, even more, than the day you were baptized. I testify of that in Jesus Christ name. 

Did any of you have any amazing experiences with allowing your mind to be centered on Christ? Please share them with me. I know I was able to learn so much from our Father in Heaven as I applied my faith. I received so much in return.
Some personal insights from Elder Penman's study this week:

 I was pondering Mosiah 5:7. Wow that scripture blew me away. As I pondered on a mighty change of heart, I really thought deeply about the covenants we make. Which led me to Alma 5, Where Alma teaches the people to have a remembrance of what the Lord in his mercy did for there Fathers. 
 Which I truly believe means to come to know or understand the atonement and have a certain knowledge for them selves of what the Lord God has done for them. That's so similar to Moroni's Promise, receiving the Words of Christ and remembering so they may receive their own answers and acting.Just like Enos and Alma the Younger did before the had their mighty change of heart, then they acted and became beasts!  Which the first covenant we make is Sacrifice. We have to be willing to sacrifice things and listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. We haven't yet given up all things but a small portion of the things we as natural men/women are doing. Then we will apply obedience strengthening our faith and trust in God. As we do this we, as it teaches in Mosiah 3:19, yield to the enticings of the Holy Spirit and become children and will live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It says in Ezek. 11:19  that He will give us a new spirit and a new heart. Which here is my favorite part. This is where Jesus Christ gets the name Father from, which has been a huge question of mine. We, as as it teaches in Moses 6:59 & Mosiah 5:7, will become spiritually begotten by our Savior and we will take upon us His name. We will then be called by His name. I love that as we put in our obedience and act in faith Jesus Christ will enable us to Physically, Spiritually, and Mentally Change. Then we will be able to truly consecrate ourselves to God. We then need to keep that conversion burning bright within us. We need to keep applying these things or else we will slip back into the natural ways.(Alma 5:26-27)
 My other favorite part was how personal the change is between God and His children. I think as missionaries we think it is too often it is all us. But truly that change of heart will be between God and his Little Ones! We only deliver the information and the Godhead takes care of the rest according to the others' faith 
"Christ and Mary at the Tomb" by Joseph Brickey
He is not here.  He is Risen.  
 I know that He, Jesus Christ, is risen!! That is the greatest event ever to take place in this fallen world. I know that through Jesus we will all be made alive. He lives!! This is the greatest knowledge I have.
I testify of this witness in Jesus Christ's name.

Elder Penman

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