Monday, March 14, 2016

Miracles in Dublin

Elder Muller, Elder Penman and some friends
 I feel  like every email i send Is basically the same. That's just my life though... Ha!
Doin' the Pigeon.  

  Well it seems like yesterday I was on the east of Scotland enjoying life as an 18 year old missionary. Now it is a year later and this week was my last week of being 19. Time never slows down. I have found more recently, I feel as if I am running out of time in a normal day. It's time to start lengthening my stride to keep with the loss of time in the day. There has not been a day that has gone by that I have regretted choosing to do something on my mission, every day waking up as a full time missionary is something that never gets old!
  We had a wonderful miracle that happened this week. On exchanges, we talked to a 17 year old, whose mother was a member. He invited us over and to be honest it seemed really dodgy, like always. After going to a dinner appointment we decided to try by. Both of them were there waiting for us, with a meal. His mother was a member that joined when she was 18 in another ward and lost contact with the church, the rest of her family has never joined. We prayed and she told us her conversion story. It was wonderful and her testimony was powerful. We asked her how she was feeling and she told us she was feeling the Holy Spirit. Then her son started talking. He told us he was feeling a way he had never felt before and we identified the Holy Spirit. He told us his mother told him to pay attention to how he felt and he felt the way she told him he would feel. We invited him to pray.... WOWZER!!! It was the most spiritual prayer/ lesson I have ever been in. Both of them are so prepared to come, and come back to the Gospel. 

  That was kind of a boring version of what happened, but it truly was one of the most spiritual experiences of my entire life. 

 I love the Lord Jesus Christ. I am grateful to represent Him at this time in my life. He is real, He lives and because of that we may all live again. I love our Eternal Father soooo much!

Elder Penman
The Redmond family from Clonsilla Ward takes Elder Penman and
Elder Campbell out to dinner. 
Elder Campbell and Elder Penman out to dinner with Redmonds
Sister Brenda Redmond said they were "sharing a spiritual message with our family in Nandos.
I was so impressed they didn't hesitate just whipped out the Book of Mormon and
shared their message. I had to capture the moment"
Running into friends while out working
Dublin YSA group with missionaries?  

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