Monday, December 15, 2014

Center Your Christmas

Well I'm better. Elder Smiler got sick again so we took a bunch of breaks throughout each day so he could rest. While he rested I got in some amazing work outs. Like this crazy push up thing Elder Smiler does and I got to do 3 x 10 min on the stairs. My Quads were screaming at me. Also I got to do Yoga and power Yoga. It was some good stuff. So I was able to do a work out in the morning and in the afternoon.
We were able to teach Rachel's friend named Pete. We've known Pete for some time now and now  he is letting us teach him. But we had a short sweet lesson with him. Pete loved it though.

At church this week, I had to teach the lesson in priesthood. I taught from The Teachings of Joseph Fielding Smith; lesson 25 ("The Birth of Jesus Christ: Good Tidings of Great Joy") 
and I related this chapter to the story when Jesus is walking toward the Apostles on the water and Peter wants to walk on the water too. Well, when Peter gets on the water he is only focused on the Savior just like we all should be on this Christmas season. As Peter is walking toward Him he sees the waves and clouds and hears the thunder of this storm as soon as he lets himself look off the Savior and get caught up in these things, he sinks. Like all of us tend to do around Christmas time into the commercialism. What I'm saying doesn't mean  that we can't have presents or give gifts, what I’m saying is whatever you do this Christmas  always have the Savior in mind and keep your eyes on Him. Also center activities you enjoy around Him and your Christmas will be a very merry one indeed.

Well, 4 transfers 5 Companions for me. Elder Smiler will be leaving, what a shame, me to go to the highlands. Elder Christensen will be here as my new companion. I actually met him when we were in Dublin. I'm excited. Also Elder Lesuma Is going to take Elder Benesch’s spot as our Zone leader. Which is okay because Elder Leizuma is an awesome guy.
That’s my week done. Keep the faith. Pray on.  I love all of you so much.

Elder Penman

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