Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day Skype

Hooray!  The long awaited day was finally here and a wonderful Christmas present to talk to Elder Andrew Penman via Skype (at Brother Tom's home in Omagh) for an hour. We also said hello to Brother Tom and Elder Penman's companion, Elder Christensen.  He was wearing one of his new sweaters we sent him for Christmas.  He seemed very happy, calm, and like he's being an obedient missionary.  At home in Ogden were Mom, Dad, Kellie, and Ray.  Our dogs Dodger and Lily were excited to hear his voice, but couldn't figure out WHERE Andrew was. He imitated some accents for us and told us all about his current area and previous area.   We loved being able to talk to him and he seems really settled into his missionary work.  We love our Elder!

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