Monday, December 1, 2014

Getting Better

Well I’m getting better! The doctors don’t think its tonsillitis, which is a good thing.

Not too much happened this week. We were in Derry/Londonderry last Monday until Wednesday. WE had a good district meeting and we talked about how we can better understand the will of God and follow the things He wants us to improve on. Also we talked about the mission we, as Latter Day Saints have to fulfill.  I loved this topic. I've always heard about the mission of the Holy Ghost and mission of Jesus Christ and now we are talking about our purpose as members. We need to spread the gospel to all those who will receive it and build up Zion in the last days. That’s amazing. I invite all who want to study this to do so because you will see all the things you can do to fulfill your personal mission. How awesome!!

Bishop Street Courthouse in Derry Londonderry
Well I went to the Doctors which was a wild goose chase and I went to so many different places and they kept telling me to go to a different place because they aren't certified to look at my throat. Finally, I went to this doctor who got me medicine. She was so kind and helped me out a lot so now I have medicine to help me get better.(: We have been in the flat a lot this week just so I can be better for the choir tour this week.  I’m so excited. We get to go to Dublin, Belfast, and Limerick. It’s gonna be fun. Also I love singing Christmas music.

Well that’s basically my week. Keep the Faith. Study and pray often.   

Love,  Elder Penman
Elder Smiler passed out in background of bus ride to?

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